You Capture – YOU

Okay, so I’m a day late doing this post but I forgot (story of my life these days) what the subject was this week for You Capture. But, I still want to participate, so I am. I’m instituting the “better late than never” clause. So HAH!

Here are my couple of shots, taken while in Chicago…

And I also said I wouldn’t post today but whatever.

Visit Beth for more You Capture. Her photos are wonderful, as per usual…




  1. Great captures! I love the first one…how clear you are and the background is kinda fuzzy. Very nice! :)

  2. These are great! I love the second one!

  3. Love the second one! Cute belly. :)

  4. I can’t decide which picture is cuter. Half of you or all of that fantastic belly with those adorable shoes in the background.

  5. Dude! That belly shot turned out awesome! I love it!

  6. oh, these are great!

    that belly shot makes my stomach flutter! wondering if i’ll ever not want to be pregnant. =)

    (i totally joined this a day late, too!)

  7. I just love the over the belly shot, LOVE it!

  8. I ADORE the your beautiful baby belly photo!!!

    and I must check out this {you capture} thing… sounds like fun!


  9. I ADORE the your beautiful baby belly photo!!!

    and I must check out this {you capture} thing… sounds like fun!


  10. love them! i really love belly shots from that angle. so sweet.

  11. Love the belly shot…we get to see what you see everyday! That has to bring a smile to yourface!

  12. Oh I love that belly one! Perfect! Oh and super cute shoes :-)

  13. Both are great – but I love the belly shot!!! Very creative!

  14. Awesome…and these pink shoes!!!! oooh you will have such fun with your little giril…shop shop!!

    Nothing like a pregnant belly, I get chills!!! You are so close!

  15. I love it! Great shots!

  16. YOU are so cute! Lovin’ the baby belly!

  17. Love the belly shot! So cute.

  18. Cute shoes! Cute Belly!

  19. Cu-ute shoes!

  20. LOVE THE BELLY SHOT! I am sucker for baby bellies!!!

  21. Super cute shoes!

  22. I miss you so much!!!

    The first shot is so artistic! I love it. And those shoes? I love those shoes and totally remember admiring them in person. Gap, right? You are one of the cutest pregnant ladies ever. For real.

  23. I LOVE the belly pic. That sums up pregnancy perfectly!

  24. I love them both!!!!!!

  25. they are both great photos!

  26. That belly and shoes picture is the cutest picture!!!! That could TOTALLY be a card for a baby shower/new baby or an invitation for a shower. I love it!!! And you’re pretty, as always…

  27. I love both of them! And you need to teach me how to put on make up, your’s is fab!

    Baby girl is getting big! Can’t wait to “meet” her!

    Ps Meredith is also a fave name of mine :)

  28. Hi Elaine

    Beauty Full photos! I love, love, love that belly shot and those shoes are so cute. I will have to remember this idea for later down the track, get myself some cute shoes and borrow your idea!

    So happy to read that you had a lovely lunch with some new mums you have recently met.

    How wonderful to be able to go back “home” to have a baby shower. This will be such a special and fun time.

    I wish I had some quick fix remedy for swollen feet, but I am afraid I don’t. Oh, how I remember my obstertician telling me that my swollen feet and ankles were the most swollen he had EVER seen – boy did I feel special! All I could do was try and elevate them and get around in comfy slippers!

    Now that your parents are here for a visit I hope you are getting more opportunities for an afternoon siesta.

  29. Both are beautiful – love them!

  30. Cool shots! Well done!

  31. Oh, FUN. I remember doing a top of the belly with with Emily.

    LOVE it.

  32. That second photo is the cutest ever! The colors of your shirt & shoes just make it perfect!

  33. I LOVE the baby tummy with the tiny pink shoes!! Adorable

  34. I LOVE the baby tummy with the tiny pink shoes!! Adorable

  35. Love the belly and those cute shoes!