You Capture – Yellow

No, you are right, there is not a whole lot of yellow in this picture (does G’s hair count?) but I don’t care, they are my cute boys and I’m posting it anyway.

Sunshine and pretty flowers to you all today. :)




  1. Love the pictures, Elaine. Especially of your cutie patootie boys! Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you!

  2. great pics….your boys are adorable

  3. Love the yellow! All that blond hair is NO FAIR! I desperately wanted a blond baby…

  4. Wow! Those flower photos are stunning!

  5. Beautiful flowers and I love the little rubber duck!

  6. Nice yellow pics!

  7. so pretty…especially on such a cloudy day here…I could capture grey!!

  8. Beautiful yellow. :)

  9. After the last two weeks of pretty much solid rain, yellow is quickly becoming my favorite color.
    Great pics!
    Those boys ARE adorable!!!!

  10. I see yellow on his ride on. That counts. Very cute pictures.

  11. Yes, the hair counts! And it’s precious!

  12. Hi Elaine! I’m back to blogging again, so I thought I should comment as well! (I’m a frequent reader, but realize I hardly ever comment). Also, I just made that first picture my next desktop background!


  13. Lots of great yellows!!

  14. Lovely shots! I love the duckie!

  15. I can’t decide if I like the flowers of the rubber ducky best of the yellow shots. The boys are pretty dang cute too!

  16. nice color! Very bright and cheerful all the way around :)))

  17. Great shots! The rubber duck just makes me smile.

  18. With cuties like that you are allowed.

  19. I love the variety of shots you got!

  20. saweet yellow shots! and i totally see some yellow in the background of that last shot…so it’s fair game. :) nicely rendered, my friend.

  21. I just love that yellow duckie! Perfect!

  22. I love all your pictures!
    Your kids are the sweetest:)
    Great job! Hope you get a chance to visit my blog:)

  23. Little G’s scooter (or whatever it is) has yellow on it! SCORE!!

    I love the rubber ducky and the flip flop!