Y’all Are Gonna Laugh HARD at this Photo of Me & Miss Elaine-ous Monday!


I’m tuckered.

I barely stopped this weekend.  I don’t know how many of you saw my Instagram pics but I CLEANED out some stuff sh!t this weekend!!  Here are the pics for those of you who did not see… (this is in our bedroom, btw)



This took me ALL day. I put my mitts on boxes I hadn’t even seen since we moved here in July of 2009.  And I’m betting I didn’t even touch them then because I was 7 months pregnant and those bee-atches were heavy!!

Anyway, after a minor coughing fit from the layers of dust, I dug deep and got my crafting/sewing/whatevering desk organized and clean.  And I’m SO happy I took the time to do it! πŸ˜€

I now have an entire box of card-making and scrapping supplies that I need to get rid of.  I was thinking of putting it on Craig’s List but not sure I would get very much for it.  Any other ideas?  Does anyone scrapbook anymore?

I wish I still had time but I guess this blog is mostly my scrapbook, at least for now anyway.  I still love paper crafting and do make cards so I kept most of the tools and some supplies.

As you may have guessed I also came across a lot of memories and random things as I was cleaning things out.  I read a lot of letters/cards/notes for the last time and then tossed them into the recycling box.  I saved some too.  I couldn’t get rid of them all.  Going through them did make me a little sad and a lot nostalgic for the written word, ON PAPER.  We just don’t do that anymore, do we?  It’s ALL on the interwebs, even our birthday messages to each other.

But, it was also fun to weed through it all and I also found a photo for me from college that you all just MUST see, complete with some sort of smudges there, on the middle right.

Check that ‘do, you guys!!

And someone PLEASE shoot those couches, OMG!!!

If I remember correctly, they were free so…

Anyway, this was taken circa 1995 and this was my “skinny” picture.  I used to have it on the fridge as something to aspire to when I was heavier.  My roommate and I had terrible decorating abilities at the time.  I was a Fashion Merchandising major.  Can you believe it? Uh…no, Elaine, we cannot.

Anyway, when I showed this picture to The B Man he said, “Mom, I DO NOT. like your hair that way.”

OH kid, me neither.  But it was the ’90’s.

Anyway, here’s to cleaning out and getting organized in 2012.  I moved on to the desk in our kitchen today and it’s all nice and neat now too.  We’ll see how long it lasts (damn school papers…)

And now….

It’s Miss-Elaine-ous Monday finally again!!

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  1. Could come organize my house next?

  2. I’ve been purging and cleaning like crazy this past week. I’m 99% done – just need to put away the 100 loads of laundry I did today. Doesn’t it feel great??? Oh, and you look cute in that pic, but honestly, I think you look younger now!!

    Don’t you miss the tapered pants look? Ha.

  3. Hee! You are *so* cute!

    And your room organization? Stunning!

  4. You got into the New Year, start fresh spirit! And yes…heaps of people still scrapbook, stamp, & make cards (there are a ton of them blogging), so definitely put it on craigslist or ebay! :>

  5. You did a fabulous job! The room looks great and you should be proud! As far as the scrapbooking supplies, if you’re looking to donate, teachers like paper and embellishments for student projects and for decorating the classroom. They don’t usually have budgets to purchase a lot, especially preschool teachers. Also try nursing homes or a shelter that has moms and kids? The last shelter I contacted was looking for items that older children could use for entertainment. Hope that helps. Glad you graduated from the couches πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh my, the hair!!! :)

    Glad you got organized – it feels so good, doesn’t it?

  7. That picture reminds me of the show Friends.

  8. I agree with Jessica. I immediately thought of Friends when I saw that photo!

    Love the organization!

  9. LOVE that desk/table.

    and the hair…oh man. the 90’s really did devastating things to beautiful people.

  10. The room looks great. I guess it’s the new year but i’m trying to organize too.

  11. Please send whatever it is your eating or drinking. I have GOT to get in the cleaning mood myself.


  12. I had that same haircut – totally Rachel from Friends inspired on my end! And those couches…yes, put them out of their misery :)

    Your desk looks amazing, I need to do some of that around here!

  13. A very 90s haircut. Very business like! :)
    Way to go on the cleanup! Isn’t that such a great feeling. I love it. :)

  14. The pants below your boobs are my personal favorite πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks for posting the before picture–good to know I’m not alone in the clutter department! I hate having a desk and computer in our room, but we have no other choice for now.

    And the pic of you is just hilarious. Who knew we would appreciate aging?

  16. That desk is gorgeous!
    I love it when something gets organized, I live for it.
    I have tons of scrapbooking stuff to because I used to do it all the time but now I don’t have time. I let my daughter do crafts with it.

  17. Your before and after photo is great! I need to do that to my entire house. I love the college photo too! I try not to look at my college pictures to much. My unplucked eyebrows are scary.

  18. We must have been on the same page because I was doing the same thing this year. I’ve been wanting to get my house in order for awhile. I think this is the year to do it.

  19. such motivation you have!!! I need to clean out so bad! Maybe after baby boy gets a little older!

    Oh and I totally had a hair do similar to yours! It was cool then right???

  20. Good for you! Also – those pants. GAH!

  21. I especially dig the Matisse print in the background…

  22. Your desk is awesome! I need to do the same to our desk (honestly, it would probably be better suited in our room at this point).

    And, that outfit…awesome.

    I have a box of scrapping stuff I tried to get rid of on Craigslist. People offered $10 for it! Yeah, for $10, I’ll save the stuff and let my girls play with it.