WW – Cousins Rock!

Grace, B Man, Catherine, Daniel, Little G

If someone had told me 20 years ago that my brother Larry and I would have kids close in age that would play together like crazy and enjoy each others company immensely while eating all the forbidden foods that Grandma serves up and make a cute set on my parent’s swing on their back porch, well, I never would have believed them. (okay, I would have believed the part about my Mom feeding them junk food…) But guess what?! That IS just the case.

The B Man even completed his maiden voyage (and then several more) biking around the same block that I went around a kazillion times as a child, with his cousin Catherine in the lead, as his protector and guide. And he and Grace were like two peas in a pod.

And Little G and Dan-Dan just make the cutest pair, talking and playing together. It’s so sweet to watch.

I wish we could spend even more time with them but of course distance and well, life, just get in the way. I know my boys love the time they spend with their cousins and I cherish these moments for them. Luckily I can preserve them somewhat, here in this space.

P.S. In regards to yesterday’s post, the boys were VERY good today. I think they realized that Daddy and I were pretty darn close to selling them on the nearest street corner…

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  1. They are so sweet together!

  2. My kids have cousins like that and I LOVE it when they get together!!! Great picture!

  3. They are so lucky. I never had cousins that lived close enough to enjoy.

  4. Cousins all on one swing! Double rock!

  5. My kids have a special bond with their cousins, too. It’s wonderful to see.

  6. I always loved mine so much and hoped that my son would have wonderful relationships with his cousins as he was growing up : ) And I think he does. Although they are all a little younger than him right now. They kick a lot : ) but he handles it well. What a sweet picture you took of them all together!

  7. I love cousin love!

  8. Cousins close together in age are the best! :)

  9. That is pretty cool that they are so close in age.

    Happy WW!

  10. I grew up as the only child and I missed not having a brother and sister so the bond of my cousins and I were incredibly strong. Still to this day we hang out all the time. That’s great your kids have so many they can grow up with. :)

  11. Wonderful photo – It will only grow more precious with time!

  12. Fantastic photo! My boys are in High School and have only met their older cousin. They have never met all their younger cousins.

  13. Cousins are so fun! My brothers boys play with my boys too, so great to watch!

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  15. sooo true!!! cousins ARE the best!

  16. Great shot! Family is such a blessing! :-)

    Glad to hear that the boys are doing better too…I guess we all have our crabby days.

  17. My kids have five cousins on Matthew’s side and they’re all within 4 years of each other. It’s such a blessing!

  18. Great PHOTO!!

  19. Great PHOTO!!

  20. Having cousins is so awesome. My kids LOVE to play with their cousins.

  21. Cousins are great!!

  22. I think kids can magically sense when they’ve pushed us to the point of auctioning them off! I’m glad you had a better day :)

  23. Cousins are the bestest! I have so many happy memories of my cousins when we were kids and love that my boys have cousins on both sides that are close in age. It really is a blessing.

  24. That is a SUPER CUTE crew!

  25. that is awesome!

    we so want the bean to have some cousins…guess our brothers would need to pick out wives first!

  26. too cute! there is nothing like having close cousins :) that’s nice they will be able to grow up together too!!!

    thanks so much for stopping by…i know i am a little late, but making the rounds now. have a great weekend!!

WW – Fine Dining

There were many, MANY meals similar to those shown below, in this booster chair. I say “were” because thankfully, about the time I was completely tired of wiping it down, of anything from peas to applesauce to milk, he got tired of sitting in it and began to refuse last week.

So it was good timing that a friend of mine was ready to sell this little table and give the boys a new place to dine. Don’t get me wrong, there is still some wiping involved but it’s not nearly as annoying and nook & cranny-ish. And well, aren’t they just the cutest sitting there together (puppies and all!)?

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  1. Aww, that’s too cute!!!

  2. oh now those little full cheeks are too cute!

  3. Very cute indeed.

  4. i remember those days! grovelling under the table isn’t that much fun either, but it too is a phase!!!

  5. i love toddler tables! too cute!

  6. Hey! Where’s the Coca Cola? 😉

  7. I love how the puppies are keeping the boys company. I have about 2 more years of hich chairs/booster chairs : ).

  8. They are adorable!

  9. Looks yummy to me!! do they share? I want some…you don’t s’pose they’d share?

    Happy Wordful Wednesday. My entry today is one part cats, and other goodie tidbits from an alphabet challenge. Won’t you stop by and say hi?

  10. Hi Elaine,

    Pretty blog. Love the “dinner table” photos.

    The hubby photo of the slide if fab!!!

    I’m following your blog now. Love to see young families. Ours are grown.

  11. They’re absolutely precious and I love how the doggies are involved. :)

  12. Fine dining for sure! They are so cute :)

  13. So cute! I love the dress code, too. Makes me miss the little table Nadia used to have…until my dad SAT on in and BROKE it!

  14. Like the little table you have set up for the kiddies…we just got one for our kids a few months back. Works really well for our daughter.

    My WondWed post

  15. Ahhh, I miss them days!

  16. They are SO cute sitting there…and I LOVE getting rid of the high chair too. Such a pain to clean, and bulky, too. :)

  17. How cute! Love the little table…even with the little doggies on the table! So cute :) I can’t stand cleaning out those little booster seats, the food gets everywhere. Have a great day!

  18. Oh, a table with a view – my favorite!!

    Such sweet, yummy boys.

  19. I agree! I was so ready to get rid of that stupid chair, hated cleaning it as well!! But now I get just as annoyed w/the 500 times she wants to get up from the table…can I make a seatbelt for these tables?? lol

    Love the pictures-they look so cute sitting together.

  20. oh, i am not ready to get rid of the one location that i can buckle james down!!!

  21. They are so cute and look so big sitting at their table!

  22. Those are some really cute pictures. Those messy faces are fun to capture in pictures but not as fun to clean up! I have on in a high chair and 3 that sometimes sit at a smaller table. They both work well for me right now.

    Check out my Wordless Wednesday post

  23. Yes, they are very cute, and I recognize that fine dining ware from Ikea too. :)

  24. I love the spaghetti picture. It looks very familiar!

  25. Oh my gosh! That is the cutest thing! What a perfect little table. They look like such cute little men sitting there. :)

  26. Adorable! I cant wait for the day I can say goodbye to our high chair!

  27. Truly adorable. We have a round Ikea table that the kids eat at (except for supper time when we eat together in the kitchen). They love it and I love it – it even has a spill proof edge. And what kid doesn’t love kid-sized furniture?

  28. How cute! I think I’ll link the long over-due tribute to Harrison’s high chair next week to Jay’s blog. Harrison refused booster chairs from the beginning so he stayed in the high chair for quite a while then moved over to an antique Jr. chair. But he eats breakfast and lunch at his little beloved table.

    He has had a growth spurt in the last couple of months! Crazy, isn’t it??

  29. I like the table. It does look a lot easier to clean up and looks fun,too.

  30. They do look cute sitting together. My 6 yr old still uses her toddler table, she loves it.

  31. They are too cute. I like their own little table. Enjoy the fine dining experiences. Happy WW.

  32. Oh how I remember those days! Great WW!

  33. Yay for saying goodbye to the booster. My little guy also refused sitting in his not too long ago. I’m overjoyed. I hated having to go hunting all the crumbs. Ick.

  34. Don’t you love the fine dining we do these days. :)

  35. i just told hubby a few days ago that we too will soon be proud owners of a new dinning set…

    who knew the bug would get a new table before her mommy?

  36. Huzzah! I loathed the booster seat too, what a mess! So cute, both of them at the table :)

  37. What little grown-ups! It’s sweet of them to share with the puppies. :)

  38. Oh, I just love that table. We need to get one…and find room in our kitchen.

  39. OMG – Spaghetti and peas! Wonderfully squishy and messy foods! :o)

  40. Are those the Ikea plates & cups?

  41. Even when he sits at a little table, my son still makes a huge mess! Nothing a bath can’t take care of! Very cute!

  42. They are adorable! And that is great idea. I need one for grandbabies.

  43. They are really just precious!

    My 2 yr. old gave up her highchair about a month ago. I love not having it take up room in the kitchen.

  44. I would ditch my highchair, too, but I just bought stock in Clorox wipes. Gotta keep the price up!

  45. His expression in the first picture is too cute! Don’t you just want to bottle them up and keep them cute like that forever!

  46. Adorable!!!!

  47. We had that same feeding chair when the kids were little.

    and the same messes too!

  48. Hi Elaine

    Awwww, so cute, there’s something special about seeing little ones eat in those tiny chairs at a little table.

    Recently, we have also purchased a little table and chairs. When we have play dates the children eat there. Now we are working on teaching Savanna that this new found freedom at the table does not mean that she can wander around with food!! We’ll get there, us mums always do, right?!?

    Lots of love

  49. how cute are they

  50. Cute – we had one when my oldest two were little, since they were close in age…this 3rd poor baby would have to eat alone if we got him a little table! I guess I will be cleaning the stinkin highchair for a long time still to come..

  51. Your little boy eats like me! Messy and leaving all the peas behind!!

  52. They look so sweet!

  53. That is the cutest ever! You know what’s funny? It didn’t even dawn on me to let Caden out of his high chair until he was like 22 months…I guess I thought he’d sit there until he was 3 or something! LOL!