WW – Thanksgiving Menu Suggestion

We saw this while on a walk through the neighborhood on Thanksgiving day, a few years back. It still makes me laugh! : )
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  1. It’s like the Chick Fil A cows, isn’t it?

  2. Too funny! That looks like it took a lot of time to make.

  3. Okay, that made me laugh too.

  4. What a cute idea for yard art!

  5. Now that took a lot of time to do but would be so worth the laugh!! :o)

  6. Now that’s funny. And I suddenly have a craving for pizza…

  7. I want to re-create that in my front yard!!

  8. That is too funny! Oh my gosh.

  9. That’s fantastic!!

  10. super creative – what happens if it rains??

  11. Love it!!! But no pizza for me. I’m a southern turkey and dressin’ girl myself! I live for Thanksgiving!

  12. Thats great I love it!

  13. Oh man, that’s good – that’s REALLY good!

  14. This is hilarious! Thanks for the smile!

  15. that’s pretty impressive. i bet they really do it up for christmas!

  16. Absolutely HILARIOUS. :)

  17. I just busted out in total horse laughter. Funny.

  18. Hahaha- that’s cute! =)

  19. that is too cute. How in the world did they do that!

  20. Very funny – Great shot.

    Happy WW

  21. that is so funny, I love it.

  22. he he he he!!

  23. That is hilarious! What a fun pic!

    Happy WW!

  24. That is hilarious!!! All the poor turkeys out there are uniting :-)

  25. Cute! 1st time I am seeing that but now it will be every where :)

  26. Ha! Turkey revolution!

  27. tee hee

    love it!

    we might be eating pizza this year – hubby is attempting to deep fry our turkey for the first time!!

  28. I bet that’s where the owner of the local Papa Johns chains lives. Good advise.

  29. What?
    You didn’t that Martha Stewart was your neighbor!

  30. That is too funny! I love it. I will have to show this to my husband!

  31. i love it and i have to agree with my feathered friend after thinking about the shopping list….yikes!

  32. That is soooo funny. I had a similar experience at the Pumpkin Farm :-)

  33. That’s HILARIOUS!

  34. Too funny! Do they happen to own a pizza place? Thanks for sharing :)

  35. What did you decide about the 3 desserts??? -JenflemBorth

  36. Sometimes I wish I could!

  37. that makes me laugh too! smart turkey…

  38. That is so funny! I just don’t think I can give up my turkey dinner!

  39. haha…that is TOO funny!

  40. Nothing like a petition from dinner!

    Sorry, we’ll be having our turkey. Maybe he can get a pardon from the pres.

  41. That’s hilarious!

  42. Cute! And imagine how much easier the clean up would be…

  43. Love it!

  44. LOL! What a great idea, that’s hilariuos!

  45. My kids would totally agree :)

  46. Haha That’s great, but my apologies in advance Mr. Turkey. 😉

  47. That is awesome!!! What great neighbors you must have!!

  48. I have to say, pizza is SUCH a temptin option, lol. But all the hard work ends up being worth it.