WW – Tex Rex Takes on Dora’s Casa

He came, he saw, he caused l’entertainment center to come down upon Dora and her Papa, he conquered, he left. It was all very fast and furious. I know there is no sound but trust me, that’s the way it went down.

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  1. What a massacre! LOL!

  2. Ravenous!

    Similar destruction of Little People dwellings occurred here recently….I smell a conspiracy!


  3. HA – love it – we have animals in our doll house too

  4. Too funny! Poor, poor Dora!

  5. Oh please, oh please, oh please tell me he was making “Roaring” sounds as he crushed Dora’s dream? So cute!

    Happy WW!

  6. LOL! How awesome!

  7. hahahahaha! Boys!

  8. hee hee How fun!!!

  9. Hahaha..such a BOY!!

  10. Uh-oh, Dora better watch out!

  11. Hilarious! I better not show Isabella…she LOVES Dora :)

  12. Elaine, that could totally be my house! We have that same Dora Casa and McClaine is constantly bringing in dinosaurs and monster trucks!

  13. We’ve occasionally had dinosaurs and Star Wars action figures wander through Barbie’s house and create all kinds of chaos around here–hope that Dora’s homeowner’s policy is paid up…;o)


  14. HA!! My son wanted to change his name to TRex when he was 5. He is now almost 21 and still thinks all his problems stem from me not letting him do so.

  15. Yikes! Poor Dora.

  16. THAT IS HILARIOUS! What a great Wordful Wednesday :) LOL!

  17. Too funny. And, I love that he is called “Tex Rex.”

  18. how funny

  19. I love it when kids play pretend!

  20. Cute!
    The only difference in my house it that the destruction is caused by a girl.

  21. Boys do the funniest things, don’t they?

  22. looks like poor dora never had a chance!

  23. LOL that is too funny!!

    Enter to win a TILTY Sippy cup double pack!

  24. That is so cute!!!

  25. LOL LOL I love it..

  26. This is definitely a picture that I need to show my dinosaur loving nephew, very cute!

  27. Yep, boys will be boys destroying girl toys! :)

  28. So cute! Happy WW!

    My son loves taking his dinosaurs to his sisters castles too!!

  29. My daughter had that same Dora playhouse & my son would do the same thing to her with his dinosaurs!

  30. Does his TRex speak spanish? :)

  31. did dora survive!?!?

  32. Haha. I can’t let my daughter see this. She would be so upset about Dora.

  33. ¡Ay, Dora…pobrecito!

  34. Thats a boy for ya! LOL

  35. I’m laughing so hard!