WW – Say “Cheese!”

As a parent nowadays it seems as if we are in constant pursuit of the perfect picture of our kids. Or, our kids with someone else’s kids or well, even just someone else’s kids. At times it can be a pain-staking quest.

But honeslty, most of the time… it just cracks me up. Take THIS image over at my friend Jen’s blog from our playgroup Christmas party. Really, you must see it. I think only one of the kids is actually smiling.
I told Lisa, (my new IRL bloggy friend!) that I loved her “Christmas Card Outake” posts in which she was documenting all the times that she attempted to capture that “perfect” image of the three of them (or even the entire family). And I tell you what, she got some pretty good pics (it’s okay for you to go over and see…I’ll be here when you come back…I just linked to one good one!)
So here are a couple of my “favorites” of this holiday season. Perfect, dontcha think? ; )

(Little G was NOT up for picture time, can you tell?)

(The B Man – “Are we taking pictures AGAIN!?” Little G – “Hands off Dude!”)

OH and go HERE if you want to see a Christmas-y pic of me as a toddler myself. (originally posted last year on Dec. 20th when I only had about 4 readers!)

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  1. These are very cute.

  2. I love the pic of Little G crying- freaking awesome! I love love love crying pictures.

    And I love that you called me your IRL Bloggy Friend. Thank you. And right back at you.

  3. Poor, poor little G. Oh, that pictures makes me laugh so hard and then it kinda breaks my heart. All at the same time!!!

    So sorry I missed you in Austin! I’m hanging out with Lisa now and wishing you could come over too. We have been scrapbooking ALL DAY LONG!

  4. LOL! There always has to be one child refusing to smile. It’s a cute picture nonetheless!

  5. So darned cute!!!! Great photos. I’m wondering tho, now that I see “G” on the top photo…did he enjoy Santa’s lap?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! My Wordful is posted. Hope you can drop by for a visit. Stay safe and sober, and enjoy tonight’s celebration and seeing 2009 come to us with the hopes of a good year.

  6. I especially like the first picture, with the crying child on the right! I think the photographer really caught a slice of life there.

  7. It truly is one of life’s greatest challenges to get the “perfect” pictures. As I said in my post, I have learned to just change the definition of perfect. That is MUCH easier!
    Great pics! Love the one of you as a baby. Adorable!

  8. It’s hard to get a perfect picture when you have that many subjects!;)

    They are all beautiful!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Love the photos! So cute!

  10. AWW, so cute. I love the old picture of you too. Great shot. Make that resolution to scan all those old photos.

    Happy New Year.

  11. We had the same problem with trying to get pics of the grandkids for my in-laws. Somebody always had a funny look on their face or weren’t even looking at the camera! Kids!!

    Thanks for sharing! and Happy New Year!

  12. Awesome pics, tears and all. It makes them all the more real and better to laugh at later on in years when the kids are older!

    Happy New Year!

  13. LOL! I sometimes like the crazy pictures the best. :)

    As you saw from my WW my daughter loves to make silly faces right as I am about to snap the shot.

  14. I’ve always preferred candid family pictures to those posed photo place ones. These are great – they show such personality.

    (AKA Reluctant Housewife)

  15. I stopped by from 5 minutes for moms because I love your blog title! So creative and fun! The pictures are wonderful- I love Christmas Card photo outtakes, too!

  16. Those are all cute pictures! Happy new year!

  17. Happy New year’s to you and yours!

    (Every story is different… but I remember well when my boys have been sick. The dr visits, the waiting, the different diagnosis.
    Hugs to you all on the journey)

  18. Love the shot of you when you were little, you were in awe of that tree for sure! What a great moment to capture.

    And the outtakes are the best, why do we try so hard when really the perfect pictures are the ones that are real? G is some ticked off in that one, made me giggle!

  19. I’ve always hated taking the “perfect” picture. I love to capture my sons in quirky poses or when they’re not looking at the camera. These pictures are beautiful.

  20. You have beautiful children, and I like the picture of yourself when you were young.

  21. Oh man, those are just terrific! Classic. Really, the outtakes are usually way more fun than the final winner!

  22. The outtakes are my favorite, too! They are REAL and funny!

    Happy New Year!

  23. Happy New Year, Elaine!

  24. you title drew me in from Angie’s wordful wednesdays, I have a couple little fellows myself, fun, aren’t they?!

  25. I typically take about 4-10 of the same picture to get one that I sort of like! Ha!

    Happy New Year!

  26. LOL, there are always one or two fighting the flow! How sweet!

  27. Happy New Year!! I love the outtakes!

  28. The matching pj pictures never turn out right! Happy new year to you and all of you boys sister girl!

  29. I love the boys jammies! Too cute!


    I have read some of your posts. I would revisit, as I liked your writings.

    Naval Langa

    Other Blog

  31. Love the matching PJs….My boys had some, but I never got around to taking a picture of them in them!! EEKK!!

  32. I found that the absolute WORST pictures I took this season were the ones I tried to take for the Christmas card photo. I cannot get a good photo when I’m out looking for a good photo. It’s just the rule. The sad, sad rule.

  33. I love those PJ’s