WW – The Power of the Hair

Pretty much anywhere we go people comment on Baby K’s hair.

It’s EXTREMELY fluffy and soft and well, just darn cute on her, so I can’t really blame them.

I’ve just started offering people a little ‘touch’ and then I go home and give her a good shampoo.

It’s better than them stalking us, right?

Of course I give them the once over first.

Geez, what kind of mother do you think I am anyway??

(oooh, maybe I shoud start charging…. kidding…. maybe….)

But, as you can see below, no one can resist the power of the hair.

Not even her silly, stinky, fart-talkin’ big brothers…



  1. HA!! I love it! I wish I could reach through and touch it… is that considered stalking?

  2. LOL Too funny!
    All 4 of my biological kids had cool hair like your daughter’s and it’s so true… no one could resist it :)

  3. ps She is so darn cute!

  4. oh my gosh!!! so adorable!

  5. I love her hair. Ugh….I’ll never have a blondie. :(

  6. Claire had hair like that too, still sorta does. Her hair is so fine and soft and now long. :)

  7. You would have to beat me off with a stick! I am a sucker for baby heads, hair or no hair and with her baby soft locks, you would be lysoling her head after a Kami encounter.

    Bet you are glad I live all the way up here, eh?


    She is so damn cute, it hurts a little bit! But in a good way.

  8. My nephews hair did that until they put gel on it one time, and it never went back up! Keep her away from the gel as long as possible!

  9. too cute…
    but it does look super soft

  10. Oh, she’s so sweet. I can see why the brother want to love on her (hair) so much!

  11. I want a pat. or a touch. pretty please?

  12. I tend to cut my boys hair pretty short in the summer, and people always want to rub my little guys’ hair. I have to admit that I do it sometimes too!

  13. SO CUTE!!!! :) I love fluffy little hair!


  14. it looks so soft!

  15. Loving that fluffy hair.
    People don’t ask to touch our kids, they just want to know why it’s red.