WW – Cruising Into 3

On Saturday this little guy will be three years old.

I have a bond with him that’s indescribable. It’s not better than the one I have with my other children, it’s just different.

There are moments when I REALLY want to send him off to toddler boarding school. BUT. Most days he redeems himself with his sweetness and quite frankly, his seriously freakin’ cute dimples. What can I say, I’m a sucker for ’em!

I know it’s cliche and us ‘mommy bloggers’ say it like every day but really – WHERE did these three years go?

I was pregnant with him when I started blogging. Which is crazy to for me think about.

Of course I’ll post more about my “Gavie” on his actual birthday but I figured why not start now. The world needs more cuteness after all, right?



  1. Those dimples will get you every time! I loved it when my kids were three—now they’re 10 & 16, sigh…

    Hope your boy has a really happy birthday!

  2. Awww, happy {early} birthday to him!!! :)

  3. Oh yes he is cute! I remember when Kamden turned 3, it was the turning point from toddler to big boy.


  4. He’s super cute!! Three is a really fun age, I enjoyed it with both my boys. Something really does change within them and they suddenly seem that much older. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little fella!


    P.S. Sorry for my lack of comments lately. I promise I do read EVERY word you write!

  5. Happy Birthday Gavin!

  6. Oh he is just adorable and I totally get that feeling… my twins will be 4 soon and i started blogging when i was pregnant with them and just don’t feel like that much time has passed….

    Happy 3rd birthday to your sweet guy!

    ps His dimples are FABULOUS!

  7. He’s super cute!!
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  8. No way? Three??? He’s a doll! Happy W/w!

  9. dimples are adorable!!!!! He will have many gals suiting him in 10 yrs!!

    Happy early birthday!

  10. Time really does fly by. Makes you want to freeze time and hold onto that cuteness forever. I guess that’s how blogging helps freeze time.

    Happy Birthday to your little man!

  11. Hard to believe that our little boys are going to be three already. Time really did go by so quickly as we have blogged along the details. Wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend and patience as we enter the world of 3 once again.

  12. He’s just as cute as ever. Isn’t it great that we measure our blogging time by our kids?

  13. The world does need more cuteness and he is just the kid to do it :)

    He is just adorable!

  14. We have a similar story. Jake, Quinn and Claire are going to be 3 in June and I started blogging when they were born. I just can’t believe how fast time has flown by.

  15. Three already??? Holy moly!!! It really does go lightening fast, doesn’t it? Yipes!

    He is just too adorable. Dimples do it for me every time. I just want to smooch him! :)

  16. Happy birthday early to Gavie! He’s such a doll!

  17. Happy birthday to him! Yep…it goes too fast!

  18. Mommies and little boys always have a special bond.

  19. Your almost-three year-old is just one month older than mine! They’re so precious (and equally testing) at this age. He’s adorable.

  20. How could you not have that special, individualized bond with him?

    Happy birthday, little G!