WW – The B Man’s First Christmas

It’s still a little sad for me to recount but somehow (hus was re-building his computer as he likes to do…) almost ALL of the pictures we took during The B Man’s first Christmas were lost. I only have a few from Christmas day at my MIL’s house – thank goodness for them. But, I have NOTHING from our Christmas Eve celebration with my family in Austin. Even the ones my Mom took were terribly blurry. Boo Hoo!

Anyway, this is the only “winner” I have of The B Man’s first Christmas (2004). Luckily, it’s pretty cute! {tee hee}
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  1. Well, it certainly is a cute one!

    I last year I had visions of capturing all the surprise and excitement of Christmas, but then in all the excitement I hardly got any pictures!

  2. that is sad – but he sure is a cutie!

  3. What a cute picture!

    and oh no… I don’t think I would be able to recount the loss of pictures like that. so sad! I am glad that you got this one though.

    note to self: backup pictures more often. scary how much of my life lives on this computer! sigh.

  4. Awww, what a sweetie! Sigh…they grow up too fast!

    We had our external hard drive fail last year and I lost hundreds of pictures of Caden! I almost had a heart attack! But, we found out we can get them off of the drive by sending it in to a lab…it will only cost like $700!!!! Yikes! So, I’m saving that hard drive for when we can afford to justify the $700…maybe prices will have come down by the time we actually get around to it!

  5. He’s cute, it will be my little man’s first Christmas

  6. He is such a little ham – look at those little teefers!! Too cute.

  7. Love those teeth…..I’m glad you have at least one photo……how sad that the others were lost!

  8. Just LOOK at those beautiful eyes!!! Oh what a glorious Christmas y’all are going to have!!!

    Come see my Wordful Wednesday if you can find time!! It’s a catghan!

  9. Very cute indeed

  10. Losing photos is devastating! I feel for you but at least you kept some!

  11. I’m glad you were able to save that one—what a cutie :)

  12. aww he was (is) SO cute!!! You can see his little face in their. I will admit, until I read the title I thought it was Little G! They DO look different, but at first glance they are very similar!

  13. Happy Birthday buddy! Love those 2 teeth.

  14. I feel some of your pain. For my second son’s first birthday, I have one underexposed out of focus photo of him. The rest of the time was spent chasing his big brother around. Literally chasing.

  15. How horrible to lose pictures! This one is too cute though!

  16. Aww. It is a really cute pic. Just look at those little teeth poking through! So cute. :)

  17. Eeeek, he is so stinkin cute and it’s just amazing how much he looks exactly the same!!

    Losing pictures….my ultimate nightmare. Sorries!

  18. What a doll, and look at those cute lil’ tiny teeth.

    I’m so sorry about your pictures.:(

  19. Visiting from Wordful Wednesday…

    Love the photo…the two teeth are just priceless! Sorry about losing your photos…that stinks!

  20. I’m so sorry your lost your pictures. I know how I would feel if that happened. Makes me want to back them all up right now. Maybe I’ll do that today.

    The B-Man is so cute. I think he looks so much like you 😉

  21. That’s a great picture and a great memory. I am glad you were able to save that one:-)

  22. Oh no that is awful. I am glad that you have some pictures. Your little guy is adorable.

  23. I’d be so upset if we lost pics. Good thing you have this cutie!!!!

  24. awwww, sorry about your pics. At least you have a few. That means you haveto take double this year :-)

  25. It is always heart breaking to lose pictures. This is a great shot though! I am glad that it survived!!

  26. What a doll! And thanks for the reminder to back up my pictures!

  27. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    WOW did he grow! I lost 6 months of pictures that I left on the camera when the humidity decided to ruin it. I almost died.

  28. That totally sucks! I can totally relate- our computer crashed about one year after ourfirst was born. The first thing I thought of was “what about our pictures”?! Luckily, I had uploaded most, but not all, of the photos to ofoto.com. Now, I backup my pictures to an external harddrive every few months.

  29. Well, if you don’t have many, THAT is a great one to have b/c he looks just totally precious :-)

  30. sorry about the picture loss – not fun friend :(

    but you are right – that one is adorable :)

  31. Cute picture. What a bummer that you lost your pics (a great reminder to me to back-up my own…) Wish I lived near DFW for your get together!

  32. love those first Christmas memories. Sorry to hear you lost your pics!

  33. I actually accidentally deleted some early baby pictures of Francesco. I was lucky to at least have them printed but they were gone forever (even with a computer guru for a husband)
    Love the shot, he has beautiful eyes!

  34. Glad you’ve still got this one! What a cutie!!


  35. Aw, he is so cute and looks so much like Ben but only baby Ben! So neat!