WW – Art That Touched My Heart

Last night The B Man drew this picture and dictated the words of his original “short” story to me. It says, “One day baby decided to go to the park. He talked to his Daddy, his Daddy said yes and he brought his two babies to the park and they played & played & played.”

I sat and watched him while he drew each tree, each mouse and the grass and then later added the sky and sun to “complete the picture.”

There really isn’t that much signifigance to this drawing, except that I just wanted to preserve it, here on the blog and in my memory. I want to be able to go back and see what his five-year old little mind was thinking and creating at this time in his life. And I want to remember our time together as we worked on his “project” as mother and son, laughing and smiling the whole way through…

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my mother today. She was born on this day, in 1939. Thanks Mom, for always being here when I have a baby (hint, hint for this time too…) and for being one of the best cooks ever. For loving us unconditionally and without judgement. For giving SO much of yourself to your children and grandchildren. She’s MANY other things to me and my family and I could go on and on… I honor and pray for her today, on the 70th anniversary of her birth.

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  1. AAwww, how sweet! Happy Birthday to your Mama too!

  2. cute and such lovely words for your mom

  3. cute and such lovely words for your mom

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom and what a cute drawing.

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom!

    And I LOVE that your little one dedicated the drawing to you!! :)

  6. I knew I should of posted Aarons picture of poopie, it had a smiley face and everything 😉 You won’t believe me but today he drew a jalapeno!

    Happy Birthday to Miss Elaine-ous mommy!

  7. Happy Birthday to your momma! You will be very glad to have that picture on your blog, you’re right!

  8. Oh my gosh, I had to do a double take here…your mom is a spitting image of my aunt! Whoa.

    Hope you share our wishes to her that her birthday be ever so special.

    My Wordful is posted about the day I had yesterday…come by if you can find some time in your busy routine!! Happy Wednesday.

  9. Good for you – saving their art work is so special, when they get older! This one is certainly a keeper —–and so is your mom!!! Happy Birthday! What a blessing to have a mom like yours!

  10. Wonderful piece of artwork–priceless, in fact! And happy bday to your mom!


  11. happy birthday! the drawing is so sweet!

  12. That is such a cute picture and story! And happy birthday to your mom!

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mama! I love Ben’s drawing and story. aren’t you glad we can preserve things this way?

  14. What a sweet and precious picture and story! Happy birthday to your Mom.

  15. I am a sucker for drawings from my kids. I love them! But, that last picture of you mom. Nothing is more precious than that.

  16. That’s what blogging is all about, preserving those memories that would be lost otherwise.

    Happy Birthday Lainey’s Mom!

  17. What a sweet drawing…it really communicates his love for playing with his dad!

  18. A lovely drawing with a wonderful story attached.

    Happy birthday to your mom.

  19. How very sweet, those things make me willy-eyed.

  20. such a sweet moment friend :)

    and happy, happy birthday to your mom!

  21. What a sweet post!

    Happy birthday to your Mom! What a sweet photo :)

  22. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! She must be very proud.

  23. That was so incredibly sweet! Happy birthday to your Mom.

  24. Happy Birthday to your lovely mum! :)

  25. That is such a sweet photo of them, and drawing! A big happy birthday to your mom!

  26. happy birthday to mom and what a great picture story

  27. drawings like this just melt my heart! happy birthday to your mom too :O)

  28. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    I love that you captured this picture now while you remember the story.