Wordless Wednesday #30 – Cute But Stinky

This picture was taken in the boys’ play tent right before we had to evacuate due to the gas this child passed. Oh the joys of boys! : )

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  1. LOL, I love the caption!

  2. Don’t worry, girls aren’t always any better!! LOL

    He’s a cutie!!

    Happy WW!!

  3. He is such an adorable little one!

  4. What a cutie…. but hate to tell ya… it ain’t just boys! haha

  5. I have a cute but stinky, too!!!

  6. What a cute little guy! Too bad cuteness can’t overcome stinkiness!

  7. Don’t you just love the joys of boys!!!

  8. That’s hilarious! He IS a cutie though!

  9. LMAO! Unfortunately that sort of thing is not limited to boys. You should hear/smell my daughter. She’d give ’em a run for their money!

  10. But he looks sooo sweet! He’ll learn to blame the dog:)

  11. He is adorable! Great shot. Happy ww.

  12. Oh, what a little cutie!
    Happy WW

  13. Ah, you have to love little stinkers!

    Happy WW :)

  14. Evacuation due to a gas leak? hehe Sounds like he’s turning into all boy! My kids would have LOVED that and laughed nonstop.

    Thanks for your sweet compliments yesterday!

  15. So cute! Even if his gas is really stinky :)

  16. Awww! What a sweetheart, even though he may be a little stinky too!

  17. Hahaha! That is just about the funniest thing EVER! Stinky…but funny!

    BTW…it’s not just boys….my sweet little lady is guilty of the same.

  18. Cute! Even if stinky :)

  19. hilarious and adorable :)

  20. Tee hee hee! He is so very adorable.
    How cool that he is learning some baby signs, love that.
    and that bagel you had sounds yummy, my ten year old made cinnamon raisin bread french toast yesterday. YU-UM!

  21. Smelly but yet, exceedingly cute!

  22. He’s just adorable! I’m sure that more than makes up for the stinkiness.

  23. Ha, ha, he is such a cute little stinker!

    I had meant to comment on that sock post a few days ago, terrible aren’t I?!

    Anyway I remember a few years ago in all the fashion mags the word was that socks and heels were a no no.
    Never to be done.

    I will stick with the never, yikes!!

  24. LOL. Nope it’s not limited to the boys LOL. He sure is a cutie though!

  25. We don’t mind (of course we can’t smell)he’s still cute!

  26. very cute but I am glad we cant smell online. hehe

  27. File this under: what to show to a future wife or girlfriend!

  28. hard to imagine that someone so cute can make such a stinky. my daughter is guilty of this (we call her tootie).

  29. There is a reason I’m always calling my boys little stinkers. 😉

    Adorable pic!!

  30. My younger daughter has the worst gas of the family–and she thinks it is just a riot :0

    My boys are the loud but harmless type kwim ?

    He is very cute :)

  31. I hear you on the joys of boys! I’ve got 3 little boys of my own! Cute picture.

  32. His cuteness must definitely make up for it! And I echo everyone else, the girls are no better!

    MH thinks it’s hilarious when she “toots”!

  33. he is not just cute…he is GORGEOUS! What a little stud-man.

  34. Definitely looks like he’s planning something… hahahaha!

  35. Thanks for coming by! Oh, he is super cute! Boys are just so much fun!

  36. Yeah, I know all to well of the joys of boys, I have three!

    You son sure is a cutie!

  37. He is just so stinkin’ cute!!!
    (pun intended!)
    I will loan you that photo I took of the closed gas station.
    NO GAS!
    You can blow it up and display it proudly!

  38. What a cutie!

  39. OMG…he is so freakin’ cute…even if he is stinky! :)

  40. LOL LOL LOL, oh the joy of boys.. but darn he is cute..

  41. oh that is just too funny!

    Yea for boys!! :)