Why I Sometimes Hide in the Laundry Room

Because when both the washer and dryer are running and I close the door, then I cannot hear him crying.

It started when he was about 2 and half or so, if memory serves.

Sometimes I try to block it out. The past that is.

It was NOT fun.

It’s less frequent now but still hurts my heart.

I’m not “super mom” like some people think. (just because I have three kids?? huh? what?) I’m human. I yell. I lose my “cool”.

Last week a sweet blogger friend I know posted about some similar events at her house with one of her children and I stupidly left a comment that my child “used” to act that way.

These last few days? No more “used” to. He’s been in full-on emotional break-down mode and it’s taxing on us both, to say the least.

I hesitate to say any more because he’s 6.5 now and I don’t want him thinking that I’m talking about him badly on my blog. And I love him to bits. I do.

But you are all my friends and my support and I just need you to know and to wrap your internet arms around me and remind me I am not alone.

I know I am not but sometimes when he’s in one room crying his eyes out and I’m in another about to, it’s good to have that reminder.



  1. Hi Elaine!

    I am brand new to your blog so I don’t know a whole lot about your 6.5 year old but I felt compelled to post because I have a 6 year old who has had break downs like that since she was 2 also. I KNOW how hard it is. I do. Many, many cyber hugs.

  2. Just when we think we’ve turned a corner, right? I hope the day ends on a better note. You’re doing the best you can and that will be enough. Love you!

  3. I just left her a comment too. But you know what? (And this won’t make you feel any better, sorry). My just turned 10yo still has days like this. And it is frustrating and overwhelming and I seriously want to smack her BECAUSE SHE’S 10!! Oh Em Gee. *breathe*

    Hang in there mama. Dr. Jekkle will return and give that Mr. Hyde a boot soon enough.

  4. I hide in the bathroom. I lock the door and they knock and scream louder. And then I cry… But I know they’re safe, and I know when I need a minute to myself…
    And? I always end up scrubbing the floor or the sink, so it’s not really wasted time…

    Hugging you.

  5. We have many days like this…except at my house they follow me into the laundry room (they all know that’s where I can hide and not hear them). We deal with situations such as this on a daily basis with one of our almost 5 year olds.

    It stresses us, our patience, our relationships etc. But know that tomorrow is another day and in the end we will all survive… :)


  6. Oh… and another place that I am often good… the shower… you see I can cry (and sometimes scream) there without anyone knowing, and when I come out and my face/eyes are red etc I can always blame the shampoo

  7. ALL of us go through stuff. And just when we thought we had it beat it either a) gets worse or b) something new crops up. That’s just life. Here’s a big virtual hug for you!!!!!

  8. So my vision of you as the “perfect” mom just dissolved. Damn.

    OK, well, my 7 yr old daughter still has meltdowns. Kindergarten was one huge emotional mess for her (and me) and while the meltdowns are fewer now, they STILL happen. A lot times it will be because of emotions with something else that she can’t adequately express. Or she’s tired, hungry, needs attention, needs a hug.

    Been there, still doing that.

  9. you are not alone. I thought I was alone, then 50 people (as of this afternoon) let me know that I’m not alone, by any means.

    We are in the same boat. A boat that about a week ago I thought was a 2 man row boat. It’s now the size of a cruise ship, filled with crazy mommas going bonkity bonkity bonkity!

    Love ya, you know I do.

  10. This reminds me of that scene from Sex in the City 2 with Charlotte and Miranda. I cried in the theater because I could relate so well.

  11. You are not alone…my 7 year old does the same thing…meltdowns are getting better, but still having them from time to time…it’s almost always when he is over-tired…hugs :)

  12. Sweetie, you are so not alone. I have been there, trust me.

  13. Oye vey! You are NOT alone! Joey and I had real issues today when he came home from school. Sheesh! That kid has been wearing me out!!!
    This parenting gig is so freaking tough! It is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. You just got to hang in there through the tough times and really try to enjoy the good times. And use that laundry room when you have to. 😉

    Big hugs, girl!

  14. You are so not alone. My boy is so much like yours. He’s emotional and sensitive and that very often leads to both of us in tears and feeling like better days will never come. Hugs to you my sweet friend.

  15. I feel you…I truly truly do. Jackson had tantrums the ENTIRE time we were trick-or-treating….it was exhausting and by the end of it I was almost in tears.

  16. Oh yes, I know this feeling. Sometimes I hide so they won’t hear ME crying.

  17. Oh Elaine, how I can relate! Thanks for your honesty so we don’t all feel alone. I have been there, and am there, too often. My child isn’t always the child I expected, and I’m not always the mother I expected to be. I once heard some advice that as long as we worry if we’re doing right by our kids, we ARE doing right, because it shows we care and that’s what matters. Comforting words!

  18. I have no idea what to say because no one in my life has tantrums (yet). But I did want to say thanks for the heads up that this is coming and normal because I’m not sure I would have thought about the laundry room as a good escape place. I would have just thought that my kid was nuts and I was a horrible mom. So…I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, but I’m glad you blogged about it so I can file that away for later when it happens to me.

  19. I think we all have our moments, no matter how together it appears we may be. I lost my cool this morning and yelled. I hate it, I feel bad, but all i can do is just try harder to keep my cool. We’re not perfect, but we love them and that’s what matters the most!