We’ve DONE Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras is a pretty big deal around here.

Many balls have already taken place (not that I was invited to any, whatever…) and they start baking King Cakes pretty much right after Christmas.  What would you like in yours?  Strawberry, chocolate, Bavarian cream?  Yeah.  One of each please.

Also, the parades even started this last weekend.

The kids and I took in the cute dog parade that goes downtown, mid-day and then later we headed to almost the same spot for the first big evening parade of the season, Rio (based on the parades of Carnival in Rio di Janeiro).

K was hilarious and kept yelling “Throw me somethin’ Mister!” and then got super pouty if a float went by without her catching anything.  But of course, we got PLENTY and now, my house is full of colorful beads and “throws”.

We’re taking our leave of Lafayette this coming weekend and will not be here for the official Mardi Gras festivities so we figured we better get it in while we could…
(yes, my kids get 3 days off from school for Mardi Gras).

Here’s a few pics… all taken with my phone because I forgot to get my camera card out of my laptop. #photographerfail

Happy Mardi Gras to all (and if you do not know what King Cake is, I’m sorry…)!!!



  1. Love it! I’ve never had King Cake and I ordered one this year from Sucre, it’s supposed to be here Thursday. I cannot wait.

  2. I have never actually heard of a king cake – but may I just say that based on strawberry, chocolate and Bavarian cream I am already a fan? It looks like such a wonderful time – a dog parade, how fun is that!?

  3. I want Strawberry in my King Cake and I’ll also take one with Bavarian Cream…
    I remember your Mardi Gras pictures from last year as well – awesome!

  4. I will take one of each right along with you 😉 Mmmmmm, king cake.

    I love how little dude is snuggled into you in that pic of the three of you. He looks a bit sleepy :) So sweet. What an awesome set of memories your are making with them. They will remember these parades forever! So so cool.

  5. Looks like you had fun – and your phone camera worked just fine for you. I’ve done that twice lately though (left my SD card in the computer instead of the camera).

  6. The only reason I know what a King Cake is is because I watched Cake Boss. Is that sad? Yeah, probably.

    The parades look like so much fun!!

  7. King Cake? Do tell.

    Going to Mardi Gras is on my Bucket List!!!

  8. How fun! I don’t know what a King Cake is, but if it has bavarian king I’m going to make it a mission to find out.

  9. awesome captures! Man, I wanna be down there for that. Love how your kids are just draped in beads! My kids would think that was so cool. I mean, we talk about mardi gras here, but you LIVE IT. Now I’m thinking King cake. mmmm.

  10. I’d say they cashed in on the bead loot! So much fun. That’s one of the things I have yet to experience in life….Mardi Gras…authentically.

  11. So fun! I’d love to go to Mardi Gras one day. :)

  12. Love me some king cake! I’ve never made it down to Nola for Madi Gras though. I’ve actually only been there once and it was for a Rock N Roll Marathon that I worked logistics on when I was still employed. I didn’t have much time to enjoy it. You make it look like a lot of fun!

  13. So much fun!!
    Also, love the purple bag!

  14. We always get a King Cake…yum! How fun for them to go out to the parades. I guess I never thought of it as family-friendly. :)

  15. That looks like so much fun! I love the pictures. But I’m confused (and very geographically challenged)…you don’t live that close to New Orleans, do you? Is it a separate Mardi Gras from the “famous” one? Are they all over? (see, slow and confused) :)

  16. Great pictures and it looks WARM. How nice. And I’ve done that forgetting to get photo card out of computer before. Ugh. More than once.

  17. Oh how I love this! So many memories for you and your littles!

  18. ANY chance for a party and days off school is fun! I’ve never been there, but it seems to have a cool culture all its own.

  19. it seems like you had a great fun. I dont have any idea about king cake. can you please give me some idea and thanks for sharing the pics. very nice kids.

  20. Yup. No idea what a King Cake is. If it has the word “cake” in it, I feel like I need to fix my naiveté right away.

  21. That looks like a lot of fun! And now I want a King Cake.

  22. Looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras festivities up close and personal!

  23. I’m dying at her “throw me sumthin’ mister!” Hilarious.

  24. Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! We have got to do Mardi Gras sometime.
    And WOW! Your phone takes fabulous pictures!