Weekly Winners – 9/14

September 7 – September 13

Park huddle

Cleanin’ the rocks out of their Crocs

I just love that little boy hair!

Turning the camera on myself

Hangin’ on the sofa

Very, very thirsty

Oh the dimple… it melts me into a puddle on the floor.

Checkin’ out brother’s train catalog

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  1. Such cutie pies!!

    I just love the dimple too. And the melts you into a puddle on the floor was the sweetest thing I have heard in forever!

    Loved your weekly winners!

  2. I know you will be shocked to think that we have a similar scene to the croc clean out every time we leave the park! haha

    Love the close ups of your baby…so kissable.

  3. Such cute photos!

  4. That dimple is something else! :)

  5. That dimple is simple too adorable!

  6. Elaine – they are soooo cute!

  7. Oh my gosh–those dimples!
    Cute cute as always!

  8. Great shots, Elaine. 😀

  9. What a lot of smiley faces

  10. So cute. I love the dimple!

  11. Great ww’s this week of your cutie pie kiddies! My fave is the dimple one~very.precious!

  12. Aw, such a total cute attack! All of these are precious. The first one is really sweet.

  13. Great pics! That dimple one is ADORABLE!!!

  14. Nice set this week!

  15. The kids are too cute. I love the last shot. His expression is great.

  16. Oh that dimple! that nose! He is scrumptious!
    Great series this week. Nicely done!

  17. That dimple is gorgeous.

  18. Oooh, those dimples’ll do ya in, won’t they?!? Cute shots!

  19. The first shot is my favorite! I love the dimples photo too. What a great smile!!

    Karen of the MomDot Street Team

  20. What an adorable little blondy you have there, love the kids photos!! :)

  21. Love them all but the dimple.. sigh. He gets me every time.

    The one of you is awesome too, looking hot there Mama!

  22. Love the huddle and of course the dimple. Adorable!

  23. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I love the third one.

  24. Love the expression on that last photo! Future Thomas fanatic for sure!

  25. I loooove that last one. Oh they are just so cute!

  26. Dimples always melt me too…I always dreamed of having a dimple when I was a kid! 😉 I guess i lucked out and both my kids have a dimple even though neither I nor my hubby have one!

  27. I’m with Andrea- I’m lovin’ the dimples!
    The “Rocks/crocs” pictures is great!

  28. Great pictures! :)

  29. The dimples! Oooh, the dimples!

  30. What great pictures!! I LOVE that dimple!! Melts me!

  31. Fun pictures! We mamas are suckers for dimples, aren’t we?

    Love the rocks in the Crocs too. haha :)

  32. These are FANTASTIC pictures! I especially love that face looking at the trains! I’m quite familiar with that look of excitement! :)

  33. Great shots! Love the last one.

    I left you some love over at my blog – come check it out.

  34. Love the huddle picture and orange looks very good on Little G. Great pictures!