Weekly Winners 12/21

December 14 – 20

Most of these pics are left over from me and Tim’s trip last weekend.

Full Moon

Big Texas tree

Nature at it’s best

A crossing…

Holding on for dear life…

I “shutter” to think…

And a couple of the boys because well, it’s my blog and I can post them if I want to! : )

Passed out

Are you gonna eat that clementine?

Go see Lotus for more Weekly Winners! And Happy Holidays everyone!



  1. Hehe at the title of the shutter pic. Very clever.
    Love the moon shot, and the landscapes look so similar to South African bush landscapes.

  2. ♥ nature @ its best~just beautiful & the last 2 of your boys are precious :)

  3. Love the full moon and the hanging on for dear life. Your boys are beautiful.

  4. What a great set! Nature at its best is my favorite.

  5. I don’t know if I am just biased, but the Texas countryside is gorgeous! Love those pictures. And of course, the boys are adorable…so cute.

  6. Gorgeous shots… and of COURSE you’ve got to post pics of your cuties!!!

  7. My favorite is that little hand holding an orange!! Too. Cute.

  8. great shots this week!

  9. Lovely shots! The shutter one is definately my favourite!

  10. Love your shots and especially the kiddos.

  11. Great shots, I’m such a sucker for photos, that moon shot is super!

  12. Great pictures. I love the “shutter” caption. It’s perfect.

  13. I do have two of my own, so I might be somewhat biased, but to me, NOTHING is sweeter than two liitle boys.

  14. Great pics! Love the one of the moon,so pretty!

  15. Maybe it’s the season but wouldn’t Little G make the best little Santa!?!

  16. My gosh, Ben looks loooong there! Texas hill country has such a rugged beauty, doens’t it? Love that moon.

  17. That tree picture is pretty cool…and it’d be a good tree for some climbing too!

  18. Lovely! And the boys are cute, but I think you knew that!