Weekly Winners 11/30

November 23 – November 29

While on our nature walk last weekend…

While in the bath one night this past week…

While playing this week…

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  1. I love that sunset and the bath pics are just adorable!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

    (I just posed about the weight loss link you put up yesterday–I am so joining you on this! I had a terrible past few weeks diet wise :0 )

  2. Those are some cutie boys! Can’t wait to see you guys this afternoon. :o)

  3. What is it about boys and eyelashes! Great shots.

  4. I love the bath shots! Too cute!

  5. Fun shots your boys are adorable. Love the sunset pic too!

  6. I like the peacefulness of the first shot. Ahhhh…

  7. Oh, the one with the sun setting behind the trees is gorgeous!

    As are your boys 😉

  8. Great pictures! Gotta love a nature walk.

  9. So many beautiful faces:)) Stunning!

  10. Beautiful shots and kids. I love that sunset.

  11. Great Pictures!!! Just beautiful :)

  12. Love the pictures.

    My favorite is the one one where you froze the water in motion…how’d you do it?

  13. Great photos – love the bath pictures!

    Have a great week – Kellan

  14. Great pics, love the last one with the legos. He’s so serious…and focused!!

  15. Look at what a careful builder he is!!

    Great shots friend!

  16. gorgeous – love bath shots!

  17. Those are great!

  18. That fifth one ROCKS! Excellent :)