Weekly Winners 11/23

November 17 – November 22

Just a few this week. : )

Lying down on the job
Story Time with Daddy
The ever elusive “Tigouse”

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  1. Such cute pics this week! We moms ALL deserve breaks/lying down on the job 😉 My fave this week would have to be story time w/Daddy=JUST PRECIOUS :)

  2. Oh! Story time with Daddy melts my heart.

  3. These are so cute. Storytime is the absolute best. So cozy and fun.

  4. Story time is precious.

  5. fun ones this week!

  6. Such cute photos! I love the last one!

  7. LOVE these pics!

  8. I love seeing mom photos like that… and Dad shots too!

    The tigouse is hilarious!

  9. Lying down on the job is just so adorable!

  10. So sweet–your whole post feels like a cozy blanket :)

  11. Yay for you for lying down on the job! Storytime with Dad is precious and hilarious with a finger up the nose!

  12. I love the angle on the story time with dad and I snorted when I noticed where G’s finger was!

    Hee hee.

    And is there any other way to do this mommy gig than lying down?

  13. Storytime is precious, even if his finger is up his nose.

  14. love love love storytime. the finger is just the icing on that cake!!!!

  15. LOVE the storytime picture. So sweet!

  16. Love the finger up the nose, too precious and my kids have all those ‘aminal’ masks and love them.

    Tigehouse… too cute!

  17. Story time with Daddy is priceless! As is the finger up the nose…too cute!

  18. Tigouse – hehehe! Love your laying down on the job…us moms need to take our rest wherever we can get it!

  19. mmm laying down on the job…I am with Christina- take wherever we can get it!

  20. Cute pictures.

  21. Great photos! I love the tigouse! hehe

  22. Great photos! Story time with Dad is the best! We do that here, too. The boys love it.

  23. The boys look like they’re reading in a tent. I know they’re not but I’m going to pretend they are because it’s even more cuter and funner that way.

  24. I really like the first one. :)