We Like to Live on the Wild Side

We’d planned a trip to Austin this weekend to see my pal Lisa but because I haven’t been feeling that well lately I pulled the plug on that idea and we stayed home. By the way, I promise to stop whining about how badly I’m feeling. Please don’t leave because of my complaining. It’s just affecting my life a lot these days… Ok, I’m done.

Yesterday we decided to drive out to a wildlife park a little over an hour from us because the weather was finally supposed to be somewhat nice and we needed a family day!
The boys had a wonderful time at Fossil Rim, feeding the animals right from the car, although we did have a few near misses with some ostriches and zebras. Boy, do they like to get up close and personal! We also stopped for a picnic lunch and of course a trip to the gift shop.

Here are some highlights from our drive through the park and as The B Man likes to put it, “our big adventure!”

The boys getting a look see at some of the first animals (can you see them both in the mirror?)

Not your ordinary traffic jam

The B Man helping Daddy drive (this period of his life shall be known as the “tiger mask era”)

Little G was right there feeding the animals and smiling the whole way!

Somebody else had quite a bit of fun feeding the animals too…

This guy was NOT shy!
And neither was this guy (or gal)

These guys were a little hungry.

And then so were these guys (it was a little chilly, hence The B Man in Daddy’s shirt)

Little G wanted every “Meow Meow” (what he calls cats of any sort) in the gift shop but as you’ll see in the next pic, he only ended up with one.

The family pic. And no, I am not “showing” yet, just carting around some very important Jelly Belly’s in my pocket…

On our way out we saw this character who is in desperate need of an eyebrow wax…

…and this guy who’s in desperate need of a bath!

All in all we had a wonderful time and it was so nice to get out and do something together as a family. On the way home, we asked The B Man what his favorite part of the trip was and he said getting his new squirrel, “Buffy” from the gift shop and when the ostrich tried to eat our car. Yep, definitely good times.

But of course Tim and I agreed that our favortie part was just watching the boys’ reactions to the animals and how much fun they had. And really, isn’t that always the best part?

Okay, well, all good things must come to “AN END” so I leave you with this…
Oh I do crack myself up!

P.S. Tomorrow is my 500th post and I have someone coming by to help me with that task so you must come see! : )



  1. Alright, I will admit that you cracked me up too! :)

    And the “tiger mask era”? That is too funny! I LOVE it! Embrace that individualism!

  2. That sells it…we have GOT to got here!! Soon! looks like GREAT fun for the kids…as long as the zebra doesnt try to nibble anything out if my lap.

  3. The real question is did you take the “end” picture with that in mind? Too funny! = )

    It looks like y’all had a blast!

  4. Looks like fun!

  5. okay, now i am wondering why we have never taken our kids down there!!! i think we will plan that family outing very soon because that looks like so much fun!!!

    great pictures and i am loving the “tiger mask era”.

  6. This was such a fun post! I’m so glad you and the boys had a great time :-)

    When Ben is in H.S. you’ll have to pull out some of the tiger mask photos for his prom date! LOL

    I’ll he’ll love that! :-)

  7. That is a fun place to go! You are brave to let the zebra in your car–Mike says everytime we are there, ‘those zebras are mean’–maybe he’s just scared of zebras?! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Glad you had fun–you are a lovely family!

  8. We love doing the drive-thru safari’s!! Fun fun fun!

  9. This looks amazingly fun! My kids would have a blast!!!

  10. I wish we had something like this here! I remember going on a “big adventure” when I was there age. I hope your feeling better!

  11. Popped in to say hello! I grew up in Austin and went to the same park when I was little! One of the antelope climbed in the car and a zebra ate the antannea! My dad was furious!

  12. What a great day! I love your end:)

  13. Why are you so cool? Please share your secret… Congrats on the new baby, your family is beautiful! Glad you had fun out there and it looks like the kids behaved themselves :)

  14. Ya know, we’ve never been to Fossil Rim! These pics are making me think it’s time to change that. fun times!

  15. Oh man. I bet your kids just loved this?

  16. Oh man. I bet your kids just loved this?

  17. Ha! and end…good one :)
    Looks like a fun day. Damn, now I have to add this to the list of things to do when I am there…wait, does that mean I have to bring my kids too?


  18. Wow! That zebra got his head RIGHT in there! How cool is that?

  19. How awesome to have that nearby! Just the other day I was telling hubby- wouldn’t a giraffe be a sweet pet!?


  20. what a fun day!! I LOVED all the pictures!!

  21. Wow, my kids would love that.

  22. What a fun day trip! Izzy would love that!

    And, I cracked up at the Jelly Belly’s! That’s too much!

  23. Looks like such a fun place to visit.

  24. Oh no! Won’t the tiger mask clash with the Thomas shirt? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looks like a great day, thanks for taking me.

  25. We love Fossil Rim! Looks like you had a great day.