Valentine’s Day

We had a nice Valentine’s Day yesterday. Ben is well (YEAH!) and has been but I just thought I’d mention it since he wasn’t last time I posted! He had a nice little party at school and got several valentines from his friends there. Here are all the Valentine cards that we gave to each other and one from my parents. Ben even got $5 from them – woo hoo! The pink one in the middle is the one Ben and I made for Daddy.
Tim was sweet and brought me chocolates and a yummy dinner and gave me a list of 50 things he loves about me – which made me cry and I had to read many times. He’s such a loving and sweet man and I am so glad he’s mine!

Ben had the most fun eating a lollipop that one of his classmates gave him, as seen here:

So, I guess depending on your age Valentine’s means different things to everyone – although, candy does seem to be a universal theme.

In other news, Ben has sucessfully started sleeping in his “bed” (a.k.a crib without the front on it) and this weekend my parents are coming up to help us paint and set up his new room that we are getting ready for him, queen size bed and all! I will have pictures in a week or so. We are not quite sure how he’s going to react to it all, but hopefully once he sees his “big boy room” he will be excited and ready to make the transition.

Stay warm everyone, I am SO ready for Spring to make an appearance soon!