Tunnel Vision

Sometimes your wallet gets “lost or stolen” and you cancel all the cards and freak out about not having a driver’s license and you cry a little a lot.

And then the next morning you are cleaning up toys and there you find it, where it is presumed the toddler left it after using it as a toy, your “frequent shopper” cards strewn about the floor.

Sometimes you and your kids go out to dinner with a friend and her kids, since both husbands are working, and one child gets his finger caught in the bathroom door and another hits his head on the corner of the table and another falls and scrapes his knee while playing near the fountain outside.

And then you come home and everyone has baths and plays with their toys and a game with Daddy, who is now home, and all is better.

Sometimes all three kids are crying or whining in the car at the same time and you think you might just swerve off the road from the upset of all four beings in the vehicle.

And then you find the paci and turn on some music and pick up the dropped toy (all while stopped of course) and for a moment all you hear is the music and you can breathe again.

Sometimes you are out of wine after a long couple of days at the beginning of Summer 2011 and you are somewhat disappointed.

And then you decide that a Haagen Dasz mini-cone is just as good and you enjoy it immensely.

But also?

Sometimes it’s NOT all about you and you realize that your life is so good as you worry so much for a friend who recently had surgery in which a tumor was found near her brain.  You pray that all will be okay and feel for her, her husband, her two kids and all those who love and care about her.

And even though you know you cannot change things or even be the least bit in control of them, you continue to pray and think and hope for the best because it’s the best you can do.

Won’t you please say a little prayer or send good thoughts for my friend Natalie? I would really appreciate it and I’m guessing she would too…

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  1. So True! Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and take a good look around :-) Praying for your friend (and you too, my dear)

  2. Praying for your friend and those who love her dearly.

  3. Prayers on the way…such a perfect photo for the message. Take care & God bless!

  4. I would be more than happy to pray for your friend. What a difficult ordeal. Sometimes we all have to take a deep breath.

  5. I totally understand this post. I get it 100%.

  6. Some days it is so hard to retain the perspective that there are bigger things out there and that the world doesn’t really revolve around us. This is a great reminder. Prayers for you friend are being said.

  7. Definitely. Life can change in an instant and damn if I wouldn’t move heaven and earth to take us back a week and change it back for Natalie and her family.

    So. Not. Fair.

    Praying is great and all and I am doing it as if my life depended on it but I so wish there was more I could do.

  8. Prayers sent her way!

  9. Praying for Natalie. We’ve experienced what she is going through in my family and I will pray very hard for her!

  10. Of course, she and you will be in my prayers

  11. Prayers for your friend…it’s not fair at all!

    (Glad you found your wallet, too).

  12. Thank you Elaine…

    ~ David ~