Truly Miss Elaine-ous Monday

The entire family dressed in green on Saturday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in our own little way.

Tim also made green pancakes.

On Friday afternoon The B man went on about the “leprechaun” that wreaked havoc in their classroom at school. They came back to find all kinds of silly things done to the room after their 2nd recess and he was so excited to tell me all about it.  “He” even left all the students their own four-leaf clover coins.  (see photo below, can you spy them?)

I laughed to myself while standing at the kitchen sink, putting dishes in the dishwasher.  What a cute thing for his teacher to do.

You know, invite a leprechaun in… 😉

There is no Irish in my blood but my kids are part Irish on Tim’s side.

And I don’t mind wearing green myself…

It was a good but busy weekend with two soccer games, one birthday party and a Saturday trip to Sam’s (good golly I still miss Costco) in the middle of it all.

Plus we got our new bedroom furniture delivered and I feel like a grown up now.  Or at least a little more like one anyway…

On Sunday evening the children gathered around my laptop to look at Lego games and play sets on the internet.  When B spied the Harry Potter game he started to hum the music from the movies and K tried to follow his lead and started humming random notes and then G joined in too.  I wish I would have taken a video but I was too late, of course.

I just love it when the three of them do something nicely along side each other.

It just warms my green-pancake eating heart.

Today is Miss Elaine-ous Monday!!

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Miss Elaine-ous Monday

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! I love your new furniture!!!

  2. Your bedroom looks awesome!

    Also, I want me some green pancakes.

  3. Your bedroom is stunning!!

    And I LOVE all of the greenness and le sigh, yes when they all play nicely it warms my heart so very many times over!

    happy St Patrick’s Day sweet friend! One day? We’ll share green pancakes! Yum! :)

  4. Beautiful bedroom furniture! It sounds like it was a great weekend for you guys!

  5. We are eating green and white pretzels – for breakfast lol!
    And the room looks lovely …
    and the photos of your kids … too much cuteness!

  6. your bedroom set looks gorgeous! don’t you love how stuff like that can make you feel so grown up (even when we are grown up?) lol :)

  7. Sounds like a great weekend! And I love your bedroom set! So purty! :)

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  9. Super cuteness! We had green oatmeal :) Visiting from MMM.

  10. Wow to your new bedroom. Just wow!!! Lucky you, except for the green pancakes. I’d take a pass on those.

  11. I am totally LOVING your bedroom!!

  12. I love your new bedroom set!

    You and the kids look very cute in green.

  13. Green pancakes, what a fun idea! I wish i had thought of that.

  14. Your bedroom looks so luxurious! Very jealous!! We too decked out in green on Sat. Was fun to be festive!

  15. I love all this randomness! Your picture with the kids is great and your bedroom is beautiful! I love all the pictures on your walls and the furniture is so pretty!

  16. I love the green pancake idea!! I think for my (future) kiddos I will go all out and turn everything green! The thought of green milk is really funny to me :)

  17. Your bedroom is beautiful and yes, definitely grown up! I think I need to go make mine more grown up now. Funny too, my son had a similar experience with a leprechaun in his classroom and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day hunting him down at home!

  18. Your furniture is LOVELY and now I want to re-do my room. So pretty!

  19. LOVE the new bedroom furniture. So pretty.

  20. Look at all of that green! Y’all look good.

    And, yay for grown up new furniture! It’s nice to treat us, isn’t it?