Tons of Halloween Fun! – WW & You Capture

Are y’all tired of Halloween yet? Yeah, me too a little, but I still had to post these pics…

The festivities started on Friday at Little G’s preschool and seemed to just go on and on from there…

trick or treating at pre-school as a “fitball” player

Thanks to my parents being here to babysit, we were able to go to our own costume party for the first time in YEARS. Me and some of my GFs went as…

The Desperate Housewives: “Gabby”, “Lynette” (me), “Brie” and “Susan” – and yes, those are EXTRA dark circles under my eyes…

Tim as a Zombie – he won “scariest costume”!!

Someone in our neighborhood left “BOO” treat bags for the kids. Still don’t know who…

Halloween night, me as a cat and The B Man as Iron Man

Kay-Kay as a ballerina… awwwww….
Tim on Halloween night as an injured Tony Romo

Trick or Treat!!!

A little “Iron Man” convention outside one of the houses… ha!

And here is my little princess dressed for church on Halloween morning. These are out of order but I had to end with them. She’s just so darn cute…

We had a fun but tiring holiday weekend.

Is it Thanksgiving yet?

I’m ready for pumpkin pie.




  1. I love all the Halloween costumes. Especially the zombie. Did you do the makeup? And no I’m not sick of Halloween just yet, not until I’ve eaten, I mean helped my kids, ahem, with the rest of their candies.

  2. So, so cute! I love all of the costumes. Tim is SO scary, though!! Girl. Let me tell you something. You are smokin’ hot!! How much weight have you lost now? In that cat pic, you look so skinny!!

  3. love the costumes!! :)

  4. I did not do the makeup – Tim did it himself! And thanks Heather, I’ve lost about 24 pounds since I started “counting”! 😀

  5. I loved Tim’s costumes! The Tony Romo one was funny! Looks like you guys had fun!

  6. You are looking fierce in that cat costume girl!

  7. oh my! how cute is kay kay? totally adorable, and how hot do u look in those jeans elaine? so glad u got to go to your own party – and as DH – what a great idea!

  8. Wow, you and Tim are impressive! Not one set of costumes but two! Great job!

    And the ballerinia – ack, so freaking cute! And then the halloween jumper…I can’t take it!!!


  9. Cute pics, Elaine! And I love the desperate housewives- that is classic.

  10. I love your pictures. The fit-ball player is very cute and I love little ones church dress. Your kiddos are very cute. Your hubby is rather scary, love his costume too. Please feel free to link up at my blog also.

  11. You have some great photos here! Looks like you all had a great time. I love the cat suit. Cute

  12. Your kids are adorable as usual. Tim makes an awesome zombie, but you, my dear are rawking those skinny jeans!

  13. Those are great pics…looks like a really fun time!

  14. So cute…all of you! You look amazing girl…I am so proud of you!!!

  15. I can see why Tim won scariest costume! I also like that he was a Californian zombie. The rest of you look adorable though!

  16. Those are such fun pics! Sounds like you really had a great Halloween weekend. And you look like such a HOT kitty!

  17. She is totally adorable. LOVE her dress.

  18. Gotta loves boys and their desire to be super heros. Nate was Batman last year and Buzz this year. i was surprised that he didn’t ask to be Iron man! Love the balerina costume too! Girl’s costums (and clothes for that matter) are so dang cute!

    Oh and I agree with Kirsten that you are looking great in those jeans lady!!

  19. awesome pictures! I agree… im ready to move on now hehe. Bring on christmas!

  20. The Halloween dress for church! OMG my heart just melted! :-)

    Also, you make an adorable cat! :-)

  21. I love your Desperate Housewives costumes, so fun and clever. And your ballerina is precious. You guys are way to cute with your multiple costumes too, sheesh. I barely had one, LOL.

  22. Elaine- that’s hilarious- I love DH! Also, you look fabulous!


  23. Such fun pictures, Elaine. I love how that helmet barely fits him…lol. :)

  24. Great shots. I love Tim as an injured TR. Too funny.

    And, K in that dress? So stinking cute.

  25. My son was a football player too! Complete with helmet, although he was a Packer.

  26. My son was a football player too! Complete with helmet, although he was a Packer.

  27. You guys were as busy as we were. I love everyone’s costume and you. look. great. Seriously.

  28. lol i’m ready for pumpkin pie, too! love the photos and that you and your gfs did the dh thing! btw, we got “booed” for the first time this year, too! how cute is that?! a new tradition, for sure! :)

  29. Ballerina pictures are adorable…and your hubby’s costume is definitely scary! So much Halloween, but I love looking through everyone’s pictures and see how they celebrated!

  30. YOu all looked fabulous, and I loved how some of you changed costumes. LOVE your outfit with the cat ears!

  31. I hear you! I am over Halloween too. It seemed to last the whole week last week! I am ready for pumpkin anything- yum!

  32. The Desperate Housewives!! Dude, that’s awesome! The kids are cute and the costumes are great (and scary!) and all that stuff, but you just keep looking better and better, my friend!

  33. What great costumes! :)

  34. Who did Tim’s makeup, he really looks scary, great costumes!

  35. The zombie costume is great.

  36. What cuties! I love all the costumes 😀

  37. great captures–I LOVE the little ballerina!

  38. SO cute! My nephew was iron man and my daughter was a ballerina too. I love her little halloween dress.

  39. Ooooh I love the adult costumes as much as the younger costumes. Especially the desperate housewives. What an original idea. And an injured Romo… he he he Perfect for this anti-cowboy fan!

  40. So many great costumes! Love the little footballer!

    I just made pumpkin pie yesterday… yum.

  41. that is cool that you dress up – I have yet to do that – i think my kids would pass out!

  42. Lovely photos! The makeup job on your Zombie is fabulous. You make a very cute cat, your son looked fabulous and oh, your cute little ballerina, who could stop themselves giving candy to her? Glad you had such a wonderful Halloween.

  43. That really is one scary zombie and I see why it won scariest costume!