Time for Two


If you haven’t gone on a trip alone with only your spouse recently… Go. Go now. Do not pass GO, do not stop to collect $200 (well, unless you need it for the trip!). Just go. You’ll thank yourselves later. Trust me.

Tim and I had a lovely weekend away that included wineries (yes, I am addict, got a problem with that?), shopping, sleeping, a darling hotel with a Jacuzzi tub and yummy food. Oh and some other stuff, which I will keep to myself.

Here are a few highlights….

On the way in we stopped at two wineries. This is Tim at Woodrose Winery. The best taste was the first one and we bought a bottle of it, which was their Sauvignon Blanc.
Our next stop was the Torre di Pietra winery which had beautiful grounds and a lovely building but the wine, uh… well… not so good. (Remember in Napa, the prettiest place had the worst wine? I’m sensing a theme here…)

After the wineries we were ready to go and check in and I was SO excited to see the Roadrunner Inn in real life! And it DID NOT dissappoint. This place was SO cute!! Sorry if I post too many pics but really, it was just so COOL (that really is the best word)!

The blue door in the middle of these two darling shops is the entrance to the staircase…

And here is what you see at the top of the stairs…

Come on it to room #1 (the only room with a private balcony)…

When you first walk in the kitchen is to your right…

And here is the “living” area…

The king sized (kinda hard, didn’t sleep that well the first night…) bed

A corner window by the kitchen and eating area…

The retro vanity in the bathroom…

And the funky shower curtain and chair…

Yet another view of the place…

And the balcony…

Okay, I’m finally done with that. I know it was a lot. But isn’t it the cutest? I LOVE to stay in places decorated like this because I do like the mod/retro look but I don’t think I could ever pull it off in my house… or maybe I could………..

Anyway, Saturday morning we got up and went hiking at Enchanted Rock. We didn’t make it all the way to the top because Tim’s fear of heights kicked in a little and then it started to get REALLY windy. That’s when I decided I did NOT want to be standing on top of this if it got even worse (which it did).

Here’s Tim on the way up… We named this “Rhino Rock.” Doesn’t it kinda look like one?

My trusty running hiking shoes…
No, I don’t have any makeup on…

The view from where I stopped before I started back down…

Since this post is Longer than long… I will save some more shots from our hike for future posts…

Lastly, since Fredricksburg is known for it’s Main Street shopping and German food (I confess, I love sauerkraut) I will end with a couple of shots of our shopping and eating and a little story…

The B Man has been going ON and ON about how he wants Rosie the train from the Thomas series. Tim and I split up for a little while during the day on Saturday and when we met back up we discovered that we had both gone into the same toy store and bought her for The B Man. How sweet is that?

I love my husband and this weekend was a perfect reminder of that… Like I said, go if you can.

Go. Now. Go… ; )



  1. I love going on trips with my brother ;). I was looking forward to seeing a picture of steak… I believe we were all promised steak!

    Glad you had a great time, and that hotel is so CUTE O LA!

  2. That looks like so much fun and you two make such a cute couple :)

    I wish we could go on a trip alone but with no family near and 4 kids, it’s just not in the cards for us :(

  3. oh, that looks so delightful! We’ll get time one day… Hee-Hee!

    glad you had a wonderful time


  4. Y’all are beautiful together!

    Making me miss my man.

    I’d LOVE to go on a trip with him alone, no work, you know the drill.

  5. It looks like a blast!

    That room is tres adorable! It looks bigger than our entire apartment…not shockingly.

  6. Looks like a wonderful time! We DO need to get away, and this post was ever encouraging! :)

  7. It has been 4 years and 1 month since my husband and i have had more than 24 hours alone together. We desperatly need a weekend getaway for just the 2 of us. It looks like you guys had a great time and i love the fact that he paid enough attention to know exactly what to buy for the b man. I love the inn also it looks very homie (is that a word lol) what i mean is it looks like home instead of another cold bare hotel room.

  8. Ooooh, Den and I are going to have to go there, it looks great! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time.

  10. u r right – that place is awesome!!

    loving your getaway friend :)

  11. oh man that looks like a fantastic trip – wish I could leave my babies- no one to trust them with!!

  12. My parents always get us “babysitting bucks” for weekends so we can go away, it’s fantastic. Love that shot of your hub at the top of your hike, stunning!

  13. Oh wow, I haven’t been on a trip with my husband in years. We really need to do this.

    That inn is so cute! I would have loved to stay there!

    What a nice blog you have.

  14. Awww-What Wonderful Weekend!!
    Im so glad that you guys had a great time. Love the view hiking.

  15. I really need to convince Mr. Husband to do a little trip like that. You are a GENIUS!

  16. Elaine! That place was so cute, I loved all the pictures, the decor was fantastic :-)

    And you? Looking skinnier my dear friend, that running is paying off! Hot mama alert!

    And thanks for keeping the steak to yourself 😉

  17. Looks like you had a great time. We might camp at Enchanted Rock in the future. I love the bedding in your room. So pretty.

  18. Looks and sounds like an awesome time – even better than expected! I’m so glad. Love it that you both got the same thing for Ben!

  19. yeah! i am so glad that you guys had such a great time. and i can’t wait to see more pictures from your hike. what a great idea!

    just a few more “after beds” and my kids will be spending 4 nights at their grandparent’s!!! yeah!

  20. The B&B is beautiful! Love the blue door entrance! Oh my, I haven’t had a weekend alone with my husband in over 5 years. Crazy, I know. Our time will come. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Glad you had so much fun. I love the shots at Enchanted Rock. It’s such a beautiful place and wasn’t that warm weather we had perfect?


  21. Thank you for keeping the other stuff to yourself. 😉

    And you guys are TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great time away.

  22. I am in love with where you stayed! It’s so cute, I love how they’ve decorated…and most of all it looks so relaxing!

    I love the picture overload–love it!

    So happy you both had a wonderful time…what a romantic little weekend :)

  23. Oh, that looks like so much fun. Love the place you stayed at. What a fun time for you two!

  24. Oooh fun! Next time you can’t sleep, drink more wine. Works every time 😉

  25. We haven’t been on a trip by ourselves since our honeymoon five years ago. But we have booked a cruise for the two of us next summer. I can’t wait. Sounds like you guys had a really fun time. Love the hotel. I love mod/retro too.

    help a family very near to my heart have a memorable Christmas. It only takes a stamp! http://www.three-peas.com/2008/12/operation-christmas-card.html

  26. That looks amazing!

    Love the photos too :)

  27. Ok…I’m officially jealous!! You’ve got to stop posting about your awesome trips!! :)

    Seriously, that hotel is adorable!! And, it looks like you guys had an awesome trip!

  28. I’m going to take your advice. My husband and I are going on a trip right after the new year. Can’t wait!

    Your trip looked amazing. I love wine, but have never been to a winery. That needs to be added to my travel to-do list. That Rhino Rock is really neat! Glad you had a blast!

  29. Okay… I would love to go away with Hubby… I’m off… Oh, wait. Will you babysit for me? No? Hmmm… I guess I’ll have to put it off.

    Your trip looks so lovely! I love the inn – it has a really cool look to it. I’m glad you had a great time.

  30. Looks like a GREAT time!

    So cute that you both got the train for The B Man!

  31. FUUUUN. Love the retro decor. So cool.

  32. What a cute picture of you and Tim with Santa!

    So glad to hear that you had such a fabulous time. Time alone with the hubby really is the best thing ever!!!

  33. What a great getaway.

    You are lucky to have great family near by. We have my dad and sister, but neither one is willing to watch the kids…even for a few hours.

  34. Oh my goodness, that looked awesome!

    you two are too cute!