Time flies, but as long as I’m flying with him, it’s all good.

When I think about November of 1995 I recall how I was happy with my life as it was.

I was in my Junior year of college, living with one of my best friends, having a good time and loving life as a twenty-year old. I was still “talking to” a boy I’d dated over the Summer that had gone back up to college on the East coast. We emailed occasionally and he was planning to come see me and possibly meet my family at the holidays.

I was also working part-time (I did all through college in some respect) and had planned to attend an “Awakening” retreat on the second weekend of the month but would have to arrive late (Saturday morning instead of Friday night) due to my work schedule.

I had no idea walking into the room full of other retreat-ers, that during that weekend my life, OUR lives, would change forever. I had NO idea how much happier I could be.

And I was immediately drawn to the young man named Tim and from that day forward I wanted to be around him.

Fast forward 4 years from the exact weekend we met and you find us at the altar, pledging forever in front of our family and friends.

And that was 11 years ago.

Tomorrow is mine and Tim’s 11th Wedding Anniversary and I wonder, where DID the years go?

But then I leaf through all the memories filed away in my mind and I know where it went.

It went to laughter and tears. Love and even a little anger. Travels and fancy dinners out or times just sitting next to each other on the sofa. Beautiful days full of wellness and light and not so fun days of feeling sickly where one had to take care of the other. Glasses of wine or popcorn shared during a movie. The birth of our beautiful children and even some hard times with family.

But what it really comes down to is no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve been doing in the last Fifteen years (!!!) we’ve mostly done it together and if not, with each other in mind.

To my Tim,

You are the most wonderful man and husband a wife could ask for. You are the father I always knew I wanted for my children. You keep me laughing and still make me weak in the knees. My heart is yours, always and forever. I love you.

Happy Anniversary my love.



  1. Lovely post. Happy Anniversary to you both, and here’s to many more happy years to come!

  2. Love seeing truly happy couples…
    IN a world where divorce is such an easy option…it’s heartwarming to see a marriage that is not only lasting but flourishing and evolving.
    here’s to MANY more wonderful years together!

  3. Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more wonderful, crazy years to come!

  4. So sweet! Happy Anniversary! :-)

  5. So sweet. Happy Anniversary!

  6. What a darling post Elaine. Love to see a wife lovin’ on her man. Good for you girl.

  7. Love this. As a marriage veteran myself I know how hard it is to make it work so I love seeing people that succeed.

  8. Wow, Elaine. Beautiful. Happy Anniversary and many more! xo

  9. I just about teared up! Happy anniversary!

  10. That was beautiful Elaine, I am wiping happy tears way up here in the Artic north.

    Happy Anniversary seems inadequate after the words you have written so in stead I am wishing you 75 more years of happy times together!


  11. Awww what a sweet post. Happy Anniversary!

  12. awww, now I’m in tears. So much love!

    Happy Anniversary to each other…I’m so happy you found each other that day!

  13. Happy Anniversary to you both! You’re so darn cute!

  14. Happy Anniversary, that’s amazing. 11 years is something to be very proud of!

  15. this is so very sweet. happy anniversary!!!

  16. awwww. That was lovely! Happy anniversary!

  17. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, you cutie pies!
    You make suc a wonderful couple and an even more beautiful family!

    Enjoy your special day!

  18. Lovely. Lucky you. Lucky him.

  19. Awww. What a beautiful tribute to your blessed marriage.
    Happy Anniversary!!!! :)