This mother of three should really know by now that 2 year-olds don’t stand still, right?

Taking photos of kids is pretty hard.  Especially when it is your own and especially when they are not too keen on listening to you and just want to do their own thing.  BUT, you chose that moment in time to try to take their photo so you just snap away and do the best you can and hopefully get a few shots. 

Here’s a pictorial narrative of how things usually go down with Little Miss K, once Mommy decides it’s picture-taking time:

“Katie, stand in front of the gate and let Mommy take your picture!!”

“Oops! Mommy fell, but that’s okay…”
“Okay, good, stand right there!”

“Katie, look at Mommy, we are not done yet”

“Are you dancing? Oh how cute, okay, stand by the gate, Katie…………”

“Oh, so you don’t want to?  Okay, that’s fine, please just don’t Hulk out on me, alrighty?!”

“Phew, you lightened up, but you are SO done with this, aren’t you? Okay… bye…”


Beautiful outfit courtesy of the lovely and generous Tracy, which she sent to K last fall and she is just now able to fit into.  I took her to the salon to get her first REAL haircut in this outfit on Saturday and all the ladies there just swooned over her… And yes, those bangs do make her look twice her age. Geez…  

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  1. Adorable outfit, little one, words, and you! Love! xo

  2. I love all the action shots actually! And that is a beautiful dress. Cute bangs too!

  3. Too funny, Elaine! I think you did a really good job though, and she is so precious!

  4. Awwww… so cute and yet oh so familiar. lol

  5. How cute! And that outfit is great!!

    I have yet to get a pic of my 2 yr old son that isn’t a blur.

  6. She’s too cute! I love that outfit.

    I couldn’t get a good pic of my youngest until he was at least 3.5 years old (he just turned 4). He HATED the camera.

  7. Is it bad that I actually like the pouty one best?

  8. AHAHAHA! I love it! She is SO stinkin’ CUTE! (and I’m still giggling over the ‘mommy fell’ one…) 😉

    Warrior Cat Adventures

  9. Love the outfit!

    Great pictures–personality is more fun than standing still anyway.

  10. My kids are old enough now that they roll their eyes at me when I ask them to stand still for a picture.

    And LOVE the outfit.

  11. I love the Hulk reference! She is just too cute.

  12. OMG I just want to eat her. But that would be weird. lol

  13. I can’t remember the last time I took my kids to have their photos done, and I don’t want to do myself because I know they will misbehave and make me mad. Ugh.

  14. Yeah, this happens when I try and take pictures of my kids all the time. There is no such thing as standing still.

  15. Kids will never stand still. Ever. I think the action shots capture their personality so much better! She’s adorable!

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  21. Lovely pictures! I know how hard it is to get your little ones to cooperate. I have quite a few of my baby girl giving me a grouch face.