This morning…

…we had a party. 

A birthday, tea, pajama party.


I know.  Girls are totally rad. 

And yes, I am from the ’80’s. thankyouverymuch.

What are YOU up to this morning?

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Essence of Now


  1. Uh, I LOVE this! You are totally rad.

  2. Y’all are adorable! I want to have a tea party now! :)

  3. So cute I wish we had a pj tea party this am. We ran errands, good times.

  4. This is totally awesome. :)

  5. Too cute! I love little girl tea parties. :)

  6. Rock on dude!!!

  7. Awe…this is just priceless!!

  8. That’s my kind of party 😉

    So sweet! And yup, just liked your fb page. How had I not before?! 😉

  9. This is adorable!!

  10. Living vicariously through you…we have boys. Rats! :-) Love it.

  11. Too cute!

  12. Awww!!! So cute!!!

  13. Love it…we don’t do tea parties much here.

  14. I miss tea parties with my girls :)

  15. Gosh, you’re adorable!

  16. Love it! You’re so upright and proper. Girls are so. much. fun.

  17. I would like an invite to the next pajama tea party, please. I’ll come complete with bedhead.

  18. Bean just decided that her 9th birthday party in just two weeks is going to be a Mad Hatter Tea Party. It is so much fun having girls!

  19. Lovely small moment. Pure lovely. xo

  20. Thats brilliant, I should probably try it sometime. But my husband is always busy…:(

  21. So cute! I love this!!

This Morning…

… I am up early. Well, I am ususally up pretty early with the baby, and I was again today but now he is snuggled back in his bed as are the rest of the “boys” in my life, while I am in the kitchen baking for our church choir bake sale today.

It has become quite the event these days. When Tim and I first started going to our church, right after we were married, it was just a little bake sale that made us a little money for our Christmas musical but NOW it’s this huge bake, craft, raffle sale and it brings in the big bucks, let me tell ya! Anyway, I am making a few breads and some cupcakes.

As far as the craft part goes, most everyone knows I LOVE to scrapbook so my contribution to that part of the sale are these:

They are kind of like oversized Christmas tags. I bought a kit of tags and ribbon and some ebelishments at the big scrapbooking convention, here in Arlington, a couple of summers ago and decided to use most of it for these, plus some of my other scraps and miscellaneaous things. The ones here are 3 of 15 that I made, and these were some of my favorites. Maybe I can recreate them again as long as I have a picture.

So, hopefully the sale will be a big success again this year and right now my house smells like pumpkin bread – yummy!


  1. Elaine-
    I stumbled onto your blog today and wanted to congratulate you on your family. Your boys are beautiful and you and Timmy look the same ( in a good way :) ) I am glad you are doing so well.
    Erin Burkart