Things Overheard in my Swagger Wagon

There is really no need for any other form of entertainment in our van during short trips around town like to school or soccer practice or a dentist appointment.  Not when you have awesome convos like these going on…

“Mom, is God a ghost?”

“No, bubs, he’s a spirit.”  (after saying this I realized they are kinda the same thing…)

“But where is He?”

“He’s in Heaven with the angels and saints.”

“How’d he get up there and how come we don’t see Him?”

“Because He cannot be seen.  He was here for a bit on earth in the form of Jesus.”

“Oh, cool.  And then Jesus died.”

slight pause

(from child) “That is soooo sad.”


“Hey, Mom how do you crack your knuckles?”

“Well, you kinda do it by moving your bones around in your fingers.”

“But how?”

“I’m not sure, ask your Dad.”


“Mom, I want to grow that little flower that my friend gave me for Valentine’s Day.”

“Okay, we can do that when we get home.”

“Mom, you HAVE to put water in it, in the little pot that is in the box and then push the seeds into the dirt or somethin'”.

“I know buddy, we’ll do it when we get home.”

“And tomorrow we’ll have purple flowers, right?”

Uh. No.


“I Fah-ted!”

“Katie, you do not have to announce it every time you let out a toot.”

“But then how will you know?!”


“Hey Mom, I want that new Ninjago Lego set, it’s the blah, blah, blah with a gold Ninja and I really want it, can I buy it Mom, can we go to Target RIGHT NOW and get it, please, Mom, please?  I really want it and it’s the last one and there will never be any others and I promise not to ask for any more Legos ever again and I’ll use my own money and can we go Mom, can we, please, please, PLEEEEAAASE?!?!?”

Or something like that. 

oh these three… 

What kind of things are said in your “swagger wagon”?

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  1. Katie’s Fart Announcement is so awesome. :)

  2. I just love it, especially the fart one. Just too cute.

  3. Because if they don’t announce it we will never smell it, right? 😉

  4. Kids… you gotta love the things that come out of their mouths.

  5. Kids say the darnest thing! So cute!

    Chene via Southern Girl Blog Community

  6. I totally use the “ask dad” line all the time. I tell them that is a daddy question, he knows those type of things! You forgot how funny all the children think it is when one announces they farted!

  7. Loved this! Lots of “I fahted” conversation in our swagger wagon too!

  8. Haha! Much of that sounds VERY familiar. 😉
    I love the picture too. Perfect for this post. :)

  9. Well, I have a teenager so it pretty much goes like, “Mom, why are you late? I had to wait 2 whole minutes for you!” “Mom, I swear, if Dad embarrasses me one more time I might just really die.” “Mom, I hate my life, I hate everyone. You included.” “Mom, quit asking me about my day.” “Mom, why are boys so stupid?” “Mom, when will girls stop being so mean?” and every once in a while I get “Mom, thanks for the ride. I love you.”

  10. These are hilarious! And jog my memory quite well.
    “Sweetie can you say the days of the week? Mondayyyy,”
    “I can’t talk,”
    “You can’t talk?”
    “No. maybe when I grow up.”

    First words this morning… “Mom, I’m hungry.” Whining. Then perfectly calm, “Mommy do owls fly? “Mom, Coco’s a girl?”

    Looking forward to many more of these. Thanks for reminding me to write them down!

  11. Love that picture of them!

    I don’t have a swagger wagon but I do hear plenty from my kids. Mostly STOP hitting me and leave me alone!

  12. Yup that sounds exactly right. My son feels the need to always tell me when he’s going to the bathroom for .. a longer amount of time. ALWAYS. And I have to constantly remind him that we don’t need to know that he’s going to go do that until afterwards if he happens to need assistance!

    Parenthood is glamorous isn’t it?

  13. Love the fun picture. I swear my girls and I have had some of our most meaningful conversations in my car. Not as often now as we used to, but as soon as we get in the car, they start asking the strangest questions!

  14. That picture is great! And yes the questions and conversations that kids start are definitely entertaining. And I love when they promise that they will never ask for another thing again.

  15. “Then how will you know…” That cracks me up. Seriously.

  16. They are so cute! I love it. These are the moments you will cherish.

    (Just keep reminding yourself of that!)