They smelled so good…

If you’re from central Texas, like me, then you know good and well what a Bluebonnet is.  If not, I’m sorry.


On our way through my home state last Thursday, I was anxious to find a spot where the kids and I could stop and take a few pictures in a field full of the state flower.

I happened to spy a place right before we got to lunch and it was a little bright since we stopped right around noon.  The kids ONLY got out of the car because I promised them a DQ (Dairy Queen) ice cream if they would comply.

And even then…

Wow, I just can’t pic a favorite… Ahem.

But no worries!  They still got their ice cream.

They did loosen up a bit but I had a hard time catching up with Little G since he was off chasing butterflies most of the time.

The smell of them alone was enough to welcome me home…

God Bless Texas!

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  1. Bribery or not, my kids never cooperate for a good picture either!

    That field looks gorgeous!

  2. They are SO gorgeous. What pretty flowers. I have never seen one in real life. I love them! : ) The kids are so cute.

  3. Oh so pretty!!! I feel so deprived here in Malaysia – I can’t just drive around and find a field of flowers, sigh.

  4. My children NEVER coorperate for a picture when I want them to. Your children and your bluebonnets are gorgeous.

  5. I’ve never seen the bluebonnets in person. They’re so pretty! I love the “real” portraits of your kids! A photo with both of my boys looking at me and smiling from when they were little is very rare.

  6. This makes me want to drive to Texas to experience the bluebonnets! :) LOVE all the shots! :)

    Easter Egg Family Time

  7. Bluebonnets are so pretty. I have a friend that lives in Texas and I’m always so jealous of the pictures she gets.

  8. Oh how I wish when I drove through Texas 2 years ago that we had seen the Bluebonnets! I see photos all the time on blogs and they just look so lovely (I had no idea they had a scent too!)

    LOVING the photos of your sweet girl holding them. Very pretty lighting in those .

  9. I still remember being in the car with you at Christy’s and you asked if the bluebonnets had bloomed. I had no idea what you were talking about, but now I do! Those are beautiful.

  10. Great pics! So glad you got to see them, smell them and take pics in them! Something about those bluebonnets just makes this Texas girl smile.

  11. Beautiful! I hope to see them someday. xo

  12. I always love to see my friends from Texas and their bluebonnet pictures! I am a little jealous as I would love fields of flowers here to take pictures in!

  13. I have never smelled or seen these flowers in real life… I think I may have to change that.

    I want to go to Texas.

  14. Wow! You still managed to get some gorgeous photos even though some little ones were less than cooperative. 😉 They look great!
    And Grace has that same t-shirt K is wearing. :)
    Beautiful pics!

  15. I’m over the moon for what you captured here. Love.

  16. GAH…. they picked one!!!!!

    I tried to find a place to stop this weekend, but all of the ones I saw were on private property and I felt weird jumping someone’s fence to take photos.

  17. Thanks for the reminder…and ack…they got to pick them? Promise I won’t tell.

  18. Your photos (and the flowers!) made me smile this morning. :)

  19. Ah! These crack me up! You’re braver than I am…I’ve been wanting to do bluebonnet photos for weeks now but I didn’t want to take the kids alone and we haven’t found time yet when we’re all together. I’m afraid I’m too late now! They are so, so amazing this year! I’m glad you got to head this way to enjoy them!