There Was a Party So It’s Official, She’s ONE.

It was a beautiful day for a party for a beautiful little girl.

I think it really hit me that my “baby” was going to be ONE while I was making and watching (over and over and over) the video I made for her birthday post.

And then it slapped me upside the head hard on Saturday as I placed the “1” candle on her “giant” cupcake cake.

All the sudden (seriously, like in the last week or so…) she no longer seams infantile. At all. And she is in pure toddler mode (although not quite walking yet).

(yes, she looks like her Daddy…)

She stood around the party in her fabulous tutu that everyone swooned over.

And then we all went outside to whack on the big ole cupcake pinata…

And the the goodies came spilling out..

And the good in our lives continues to spill out with this little girl in our lives…

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  1. Happy birthday to your lil girl. She is so cute in her tutu hehehe

  2. Happy Birthday Baby K! Looks like everything was perfect! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Baby K! I can’t believe it, either!! And she is so precious in her birthday tutu!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Baby or should I say “toddler” K!!! I am so glad her party was so perfect for celebrating her one year of life. Can’t believe she is already ONE!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! What a nice cake, I mean cupcake :)

  6. Happy Bday! HOW CUTE is that!
    Good job Mom! She is adorable and the party was also :)

  7. Happy birthday dear princess, may God bless you good health and good life ahead.

    Please come by when you have time to view my Mommy & Me post, have a nice Monday!

  8. Happy Birthday to lil’ princess šŸ˜€ She’s so adorable šŸ˜€

  9. She’s so cute. Looks like a fun day. Have y’all been having the same amazing weather we have?

  10. Awww. Sniff, sniff.
    So glad you had such a beautiful day. :)
    She looks absolutely adorable in that tutu outfit. :)

  11. Heather M says:

    Looks like a fantastic day for Baby K. Great job Elaine!

  12. Awwwwwwwwww…Happy Birthday to the Princess….and ((hugs)) for Mommy!

  13. Good Lord, she is cute. Happy birthday, Baby K!!

  14. She was beautiful on her first birthday, the tutu is priceless! Happy Birthday K and Mommy!

    Great cake too Elaine!

  15. She’s so cute!

    Happy bithday baby K! =)

  16. Looks like a lovely party. I adore the tutu!

  17. oh, she is sweet! and I LOVE the Tutu! My Liberty has one just like it!!

  18. Happy, happy birthday to a pretty, pretty girl!

  19. Looks like a great party! Happy birthday, K!

  20. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl! Stopping by from Mommy & Me Monday!

  21. Happy Birthday Baby K! And great photos, as usual. I was cracking up b/c we have the SAME cupcake cake pan!!! We made it for my birthday in August. So cute, and love that you did it for her. She’s a darling little ballerina!


  22. Happy 1st Birthday to your beautiful baby girl! Looks like such a pretty party! I love her shirt and tutu so much! What a doll, Elaine. Sigh. Time though… slow down!!!

  23. Happy birthday to an awesomely sweet and loved little girl!! Looks like a great par-tay!

  24. ahhhhh, adorable, I love tutu’s.
    Cannot believe she is one….I remember your countdown to her birth. Unreal.
    Happy Happy birthday to blondie K!

  25. Can she be any cuter??? :) What a sweet pea. It does not feel possible that she is one. I remember reading your posts while u were pregnant with her. :)

  26. Looks like a fun first birthday! She is super cute in her birthday outfit and that giant cupcake looks good! It does fly by so fast. I know Carlie will be turning 1 in no time!

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