Them Boys

It’s hard to get as much time as I’d like these days with my two sweet boys. Their baby sister takes precedence right now in many cases. But it must be said, they still have my heart. They will ALWAYS have my heart.

I can still find matching sweaters for them and help them dress for church and that makes me smile.

They play pretty well together these days and it’s so fun to watch. Little G copies his brother and they play games together (including hide and seek, although G isn’t very good at hiding – “uh, he can see you under my legs…”).

The B Man can almost read and is so independent these days, getting his own snacks and even helping with both Little G and the baby. He’s my big boy.

And Little G is talking so well (although he’s got the classic toddler speech issue where he uses W’s in place of L’s and says things like “Wittle” instead of “Little.”). I could listen to him all day. Well except when he’s whining. But really, he’s so dang cute either way.

They are my sweet baby boys and although they seem to be growing like crazy these days (The B Man’s school pants that I bought back in August are too short now!) they will always BE my babies even if there is a smaller one in the house.

Kiss kiss my sweets, I love you. (and stop growing so fast.)

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  1. They are too cute in their matching sweaters!!

  2. Oh, what a sweet, sweet picture! I love the matching sweaters.

    My youngest is potty training right now and he’s afraid he won’t be my baby anymore if he’s now considered a big boy. I tell him over and over that he’ll always be my baby! Boys – they know how to work a mommy’s heartstrings!

  3. Your boys are so sweet! I can imagine it must be difficult finding enough time to spend with them. I find it hard with just 2. My toddler has the same speech thing – replacing the “L” with “W”. But it is very cute.

  4. I love hearing that they will always be your babies. I have only one daughter and hope I can keep the same sentiment if I am blessed with more.

  5. They’re adorable and at least they have each other to keep entertained.

  6. So handsome! And yes, it goes quickly. LOVE the name of your blog!

  7. I.LOVE.THEM! Sooooooooooooo cute!

  8. I LOVE to put my boys in matching sweaters. It is just so cute.

  9. Girlfriend, you are one of my happy makers today. Pop over if you get a minute:

    :) Bina

  10. Your boys are so adorable. I think its perfect that you have your boys and then your lil girl. :)

    Don’t you just love watching your kids play together. I could sit and listen to my girls play together and giggle all day.

  11. They are just the cutest! :-)

  12. Love those matching sweaters! They are so adorable (the kids AND the sweaters, that is!)

  13. They look so cute in those matching shirts :)

  14. They are gorgeous little guys. I love the matching sweaters. It’s definitely hard with a new one to feel you are still focusing on the bigs. Love the “hiding under your legs” bit. E-Man and K-Girl like to play hide and seek, but E-Man is always in the same place or he pops out as soon as K-Girl starts her “hmmmm where is he” and exclaims “here I am!” Too funny!!