Thanksgiving Highlights

Well it surely felt like Thanksgiving this year with the cool front that came through! Even in Austin it was quite brisk enough for me. And then the rain started yesterday too. Geez, I am all for the weather being seasonal but did it have to get THAT seasonal?? Despite the fact that it cooled down considerably we had a nice and delicious time in Austin with family and lots of food! Here’s my Thanksgiving plate… (round 1 anyway). Yes, I ate a lot, despite the fact that I have been trying to lose some weight, this being my only large meal of the day, I figured what the heck! And it was GOOD! I went back again, but only because I left off the potatoe casserole (oh the horror!) and I had to have a second helping of sweet potatoe casserole – ohhhh so good! Can we say “carbs” and “starch” anyone??

The day was full of food and football and we even a managed a LONG walk (not!) around the block with most of the kids, all bundled up. Tim watched much of his beloved Cowboys game before realizing that the sound was a little messed up somehow on my parents’ t.v., but he managed anyway. He and Ben watched together.Here they are sitting in the chair that my husband steals from my father every time we visit, not just when there is football on… Look! I even let my son wear Cowboys regalia – what has become of me?? AHHHH!
And, without further delay, let me show you two of the cutest babies on the plantet! Okay, maybe I am a little biased!

Daniel and Gavin had fun “playing” together and are both quite active. It was cute to see them together.

We took pictures with my dad’s camera all weekend because he has a MUCH better camera than we do (I kept threatening to steal it). Here is my father with my baby – aren’t they cute too?

And here is Gavin with a little bit of each part of his Thanksgiving dinner on his face – a little cereal, canned pumpkin and green beans. Oh so tasty!

The big kids are still cute too. Here are my nephew Matthew and my niece Sarah “resting” on their mother, Carolyn. Looks like the triptophan is about to kick into high gear!

And here are my nieces Catherine and Grace picking out their Christmas gifts.

For hosting and for most of the delicious meal, I have to thank my parents. That was some good turkey, all 4 or 5 times I ate it! God Bless leftovers. Here are the cooks extraordinaire!

And I finally came out from behind the camera for one picture with my football finatic husband.
We had a great holiday and hope that you all did too. Tim bravely drove us back home last night in the cold rain. We were ready to come home as I don’t think we could eat any more and let’s just say that mommy is a much happier camper when we all sleep in our own rooms at home! It’s just not right to share a room with a 3 year old in my humble opinion. But, anyway, I am so thankful for that 3 year old and all of our family and blessings. Happy Thanksgiving – AGAIN! Now on to Christmas…