My last post was true.  Monday was crazy, sucky hard around here.


(there’s always a “but”, right?)

Tuesday was better.  Because we all made a choice to make better.  Even the little people around here can make those kinds of choices.

After school the four of us went for a walk in the cool, Fall air and found neighborhood dogs to pet and cats to chase and pretty colored leaves.

And leaves to throw on the each other.

We found laughter and smiles and some simplicity.  Even if just for a little bit.

No matter how our days go, I am so, SO thankful for this family that God has given me.

Some friends on Facebook are writing 30 days of thanks and I have MUCH to be thankful for, but mine would get redundant because I would just put “My Family” every day of this month.


That’s what I am.

p.s. Thank you to my friend Sarah for letting us use her lovely backyard and for taking our family photos! :)

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  1. Yes, this. Exactly this.

    So, so very thankful for these stunning, loving families of ours.

    {Fabulous family shot, girl!}


  2. Yep. I feel better today too. I think sometimes just writing it all out helps to get rid of those feelings and the frustration too.
    I’m thankful too. :)

    And I LOVE that last picture. WOW. Love it. :)

  3. Hooray! Love this. And man, do y’all look HAPPY. :)

  4. I love love love the family shot!

    And I am so thankful too for the boys that bless my life – every single day of the year:)

  5. You have such an incredibly beautiful (in and out) family. Yay for being thankful. It’s easy to forget sometimes, isn’t it?

  6. This made me smile….sometimes you look around and say how did I get to be this blessed!! You are one lucky mama!

  7. In the middle of all the things gone wrong, always know that your family will always be there with all the love you need to make it through those tough days.
    Ps. My 4 year old is always coming home with leaves tucked in his jacket. I think he’s collecting them. Or just diving into the largest pile at school

  8. I am like you. I’d write “my family” probably 90% of the time!

  9. I love, love, love the last picture. And I agree there are always going to be days like your Monday but there are always days that are better and I’m always thankful.

  10. I LOVE your family photo!!! It’s gorgeous. Did you use a timer or do you have a remote? So beautiful.
    And your Monday must have been like my yesterday…thank goodness for tomorrows :)

  11. Hooray for Tuesday! And, that’s a great family shot! A friend got it for you or did you set it up?

  12. First, your family pic is really beautiful. Second, I love that you guys chose to make Tuesday awesome. We really DO have that power in us. My friend always says, “Choose to rule today” and I have always loved that.