Thank goodness I have LOTS of photos…

She’s growing up.  Already.

Yeah I know, she’s only a little over two (2 years and 3.8 months to be exact) but when she’s your last?  You kinda wish she could be a baby forever.

Maybe this is why I have yet to give potty training a real “go” or I am hesitant to completely pull the plug (a.k.a. the paci)…

She talks (a lot) and runs and rides her scooter and hollers at the boys and gives her opinion about clothes/shoes and her hair style.  She tells me she wants to go to “my school” and plays with her “babies” and draws (sorta) pit-chures and demands what she wants (we are working on that… ), especially to play “An-ree burrs” (Angry Birds) on my phone.

I have no idea how all of this happened so quickly and all on my radar.

So… in order to feel (if only for a few minutes) that she IS still my baby, I edited a portion of the scads of photographs I took of her as a wee one and now I’m sharing some with you here because, wow, she was so damn cute (and still is, of course) and we can all use a little, darling “baby” in our life, right?

I think so…

Where’s the “rewind” button??

Also, Lightroom is SO awesome…

*these were all taken in the 5-6 month time of her life.  There are MANY, many more from other months… 

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  1. I am in the exact same boat. Every day, I look at Caroline and just pray that she’ll stay little for a bit longer. We’ve been working on the paci thing to and so far, we’ve managed to just keep it for bed/nap times. That part has been pretty easy but I just can’t bring myself to take it away yet for sleeping. Or long car trips. :)

  2. I hate how quickly the time goes. But these pictures are amazing!

  3. Awww. Sweet babies. Looking back at all of those baby photos is so bittersweet.

  4. Holy adorableness. I cannot believe that she’s over two years already!

    Love the pictures–she is a cutie for sure :)

  5. I LOVE the fuzzy blonde hair. So precious!

  6. Oh sob…our baby girls. Love this sweet friend. xoxo

  7. Oh my cute. And I know what you mean about holding on to the baby as long as possible.

  8. Aw, I just love those chubby baby legs! That was it for me you know – seeing my Monkey’s legs lengthen out and slim down. End of babyhood. *sniff*

  9. SO cute!!! I wish they would stay babies just a little longer :)

  10. must be going around… I posted pics of my “babies” today too (when they were babies)… makes me sad it’s going SO fast.

    Your sweet girl was (is) gorgeous!

  11. Oh my gosh, she is adorable!

  12. What a cutie. I hate that they grow up so fast. My baby is 8 months old and I am already wondering where the time has gone!

  13. Oh gosh, she is cute! And has changed so much! Sweet girl.

  14. Awww…they do grow up way too fast…and it’s totally not fair.

    Pretty sure I remember you just having her.

  15. a pause button, we totally need one!

  16. I’ve been searching for the pause button for 9 years to no avail…they grow so fast! She is ADORABLE! :)

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  17. I always ask my kids – “How did you get so big?” Goes way too fast. Cameras are seriously the best invention ever. Love those chubby little legs. so cute.

  18. ack!!! sooooooo cute!

  19. Oh I miss the just-sitting-up-sorta-crawling-toe-sucking phase of life. And to think I’ll never have another little person so tiny!

  20. She is so squishy in these pictures. I love it!

  21. so chubby and perfect!!!

  22. ooohhhhhhh… I so love these.
    She is adorable.. in every single one!