Sweet & Stinky Boys

So the first day of our ENTIRE week as three (me being the one out-numbered) went pretty well.

We had lunch with Tim’s grandparents and it was a lovely visit as usual. Every time I leave there I am just so happy about the relationship we all share with them. I never would have had the opportunity to even lay eyes on any one of my great-grandparents and I think it is SO extraordinary that my sons get to see and know their “G.G.s” as they grow up.

After lunch we went to Target and I only bought ONE more thing than what we needed. Yes folks, miracles do happen.

One of the things we “needed” was a gift for The B Man’s little girl pal whose birthday party is Wednesday. I thought about going while he’s at school but he’s now at the age where he can help pick out the gifts and since this is a special friend of his I really wanted him to be included in the choice.

Now let me tell you this boy can push my buttons, oh yes he can but when he is sweet HE IS SWEET!

He knows the theme of the party is Disney Princesses (he only had me read and re-read her party invitation 5 kazillion times) and when we got to that aisle in the store he was so excited to get out of the cart and pick it out. He touched tea party sets and dolls and then he found “it.” “I want this for her Mommy, I just know she will love it!!” I almost lost it right there in the middle of the pink and purple toy aisle (it doesn’t help that my little friend is back this week). And I can tell you that item was in the cart in .9 seconds. I sure hope she likes it! : )

When it was about time to head for the check out Little G created a 2319 (code in our family for a poopy diaper) and I really thought they might escort us out it stunk so bad. And of course The B Man has to proclaim to the entire store that his brother “smells so BAD!!” That was a lovely moment. And this was right after The B Man also asked me why he can’t ever buy the girl flip flops. I gotta tell you, I didn’t have a good answer. Because you know they have 57 styles of girl ones to the 2 boy ones. I can understand why I he might think it’s not so fair…

The day ended with an early meal for us all, 2 boys all bathed and then tucked in tight. Only 4 more to go…

**UPDATE- Go here for explanation of where “2319” came from, if you don’t already know**



  1. Happy to hear that you first day went so smoothly! Your sweet boy is just adorable, I love that he knew what he wanted to get his little friend. So sweet!

  2. ha…. I’m with you on the flip flops… but it’s not just the shoes.

    I especially notice it around the holidays when there’s 398475309475 racks of cute girl stuff and only 2 pitiful sections on a rack for the boys…

    congrats on surviving so far…

  3. Your day back sounds heavenly, actually. I remember those days when they are so… smelly, and yet so… sweet!

  4. Buy him those flip flops–you’re only little once 😉

    Stay strong, the weekend will be here before you know it!

  5. Ugh, isn’t it fun being a single parent? Right????

    And, I love when kids announce that they have pooped…why couldn’t they tell you 2 minutes before hand when they were thinking about working on one?

  6. “2319”…that cracks me up! One day down – and half another one, since it’s noon on Tuesday!

  7. Sweet and stinky just about sums up my household of boys too!

    And don’t even get me started on the unfairness (is that a word?) of boys fashion vs girl fashion. ACK!!!!

  8. WHat a sweet little boy. I love that you allowed HIM to pick something out. How very sweet to observe.

  9. Ha! A 2319, that’s good, I like that…. if I still had one in diapers I would be using that.

    Hang in there!

  10. Now that just sounds perfect. Okay, and a little tiring. :) And I totally feel ya – let the countdown continue!

  11. AHHHH!
    Isn’t being a single parent the best?
    Hope tomorrow is better.
    I love love love your code “2319”.
    Why didn’t of a code?

  12. I love that you have a code!

    What a fabulous idea my friend. Seriously, you are a genius!!!

    Sounds like day one was survivable. I hope day 2-4 are as well!!

    Sending Happy thoughts your way!!

  13. a 2319? That’s hilarious.

    I’m so impressed you got out of Target with only one extra thing. I don’t think I’ve EVER accomplished that. :o)

  14. I LOVE that you have a code for a poopy diaper! Classic.

  15. Lol! 2319, how did you come up with that?

    And how cute that he knew exactly what he wanted for his friend. I thought that was incredibly sweet!

  16. Hi there and Happy Pow! I love this post! My MH is lucky enough to have 2 great grandmas (one of whom she calls GiGi), and I am so grateful for all the time we get to spend together. How sweet about your little guy picking out the perfect gift for his special friend. I love it! And now I’m intrigued – must go read about the source of “the code”. BTW, love your blog design, the colors are gorgeous, and it’s just so simply pretty!

  17. TGIF right? I’m going on a vacation sans husband, should I even call it a vacation?! Glad to see you survived and that I might too.

  18. What a sweet little boy you have…it’s all about finding those precious moments in the midst of those not so precious ones. You seem to do a great job of it!
    so what did he pick out for her?

  19. Hope you survive the rest of the week.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to contend with an older sibling announcing to the world when a poop has been created by the little brother.

    That’s life with boys I guess!

  20. lol at your trip to Target. And since I’ve watched that movie only a million times, I was picturing it in my head. But so cute that you guys use the code! Your boys are very handsome, and I must say that I love your blog! Happy POW!

  21. I’m laughing so hard at the part where you said miracles do happen…you only bought one other thing than you actually needed at Target!! That truly IS something to celebrate!!

    happy pow!