Summer Scratching

I am going to admit right here, right now that not setting my phone alarm for 6:45 every morning has been glorious.  Summer is awesome for that.

Did you know that I am not much of a morning person?  Ask Tim, he’ll tell you.  With fervor. 😉

He seems to be a morning AND night person (how that works out I do not know) so he just dosen’t understand.

Anyway, this means I like love to sleep in.  But with three kids, of course I get woken up around uh… 7 to 7:30 while they are home for the summer. But you know, that extra half hour or so can make a big difference.

At least for me.

This guy has pretty much quit climbing into bed with us (knock on wood).

We are all home together, doing things like playing UNO (he still lets us see his cards).

And lots of Minecraft (please go read this post by Heather, this is my life).

We leave for our family vacation next week.  I cannot wait to show my kids another country.  Landscapes like they have NEVER seen in their lives before.

We haven’t been outside much lately because it’s either been too hot or raining or the mosquitoes are out for blood.  Literally.

I am ready for a new adventure.  I am ready for break from this house.

Do you ever feel that way?  Like you just want to GO somewhere?  And then when you KNOW you are going to go soon you start getting that “itch” so bad?

Yeah, that’s where I am right now.

*scratch, scratch*

Best start packing soon…


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  1. Those pictures are awesome, as always! Have SO much fun on your vacation!! And yeah…. the later mornings are what I look forward to all school year!

  2. I can’t wait for some later mornings – another week of school to go for us. 7 or 7:30 sounds pretty great to me!
    I know how that countdown to vacation is – I am always so excited for it to begin. :)

  3. LOVE that picture with your daughter and the light shining through the trees!
    Yes, the mosquitoes are pretty bad here as well, worse than other years…
    Have a great vacation, can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. Beautiful photos! And what a darling family. We’ve got a couple of those bed-sneakers too!

  5. I am so not a morning person. In fact I hate mornings and all that they mean. I’m so glad mine are old enough to do as they please in the mornings (actually they sleep to) and I can sleep in.
    As for going to other places, I would love to, I dream of it…but it’s not in the budget in the next 100 yrs.
    So congrats to y’all…I will live vicariously thru your photos!

  6. I love your pictures. I used to be a morning person – I couldn’t wait until everyone else woke up. I have no idea what happened! Why I can’t wake up early anymore?

  7. You guys look great! I am NOT a morning person. Never have been. My mom tried to tell me that would change when I got a “real” job. Nope. Or when I had kids. Nope again. I HATE waking up to anything other than my own internal wake up!

  8. Dude. I love the one of you guys all standing next to the fence. Awesome!

  9. I am a morning person. After you mentioned it, I have to say my Husband is a morning and night person too! Depends on what he is doing, but he can adjust to both.

    Yes, we all need to get away for a little while to see and do something different. Relax, recharge and enjoy the non-routine of our own lives. I am looking forward to hearing about your vacation.

  10. Oh yes, I’ve got that itch to scratch! I’m not a morning person and I never will be. For a year now, I’ve been woken up at what I consider dreadful hours. With two kids, I can’t see a light at the end of this tunnel but I know one day they’ll sleep until noon like every good teenager. Of course by then I’ll be up late waiting for them to come home safely. Yikes.

    Can’t wait to see vacation photos!

  11. Have fun on your vacation!! The mosquitoes have been horrible here too! Took the dog for a walk in the woods the other day with no bug spray….BIG mistake. I am covered with bites! Ugh!

  12. Have fun on your vacation, I’m itching to get away but it’s not happening any time soon.

  13. I love your skirt! Gorgeous photos. And I’m excited for you and your vacation!

  14. Oh man, I’ve totally got Get Outta Dodge fever, too. Love the pix, lady. Have an awesome trip!

  15. Have fun on your family vacation! Great pics too!

  16. Cute pictures!! Your family is beautiful. Enjoy your vacation!

  17. I TOTALLY understand that itch. The itch for just a little something different. I get it, I do.

  18. I have never seen as many mosquitoes as the ones we have here in the swamp. Unbelievable! And the rain…sigh.
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  19. Hooray! I, on the other hand, am still getting up early :-(

    I love your last picture. You look awesome. And what a beautiful kids.

  20. Shoot I missed the Old School Bloggin.. I was busy virtual introverting. I get like that sometimes. I am working on it. Oh goodness those dimples on that kid… i would just let him win . My 12 year old looooves Minecraft too. I curb his playing time even if on vaca cause I’m the boss.
    I force myself to get up early so I can knit , yeah Im the boss with a hint of nerd in there.
    Have a great time exploring the outdoors and I love your skirt!

  21. We have zero vacations planned for the Summer and I am dying. We used to travel so much pre-kids and with the birth of each one, the travel has become less and less and that makes me so sad. Yes, I understand why we vacation much less but it still makes me sad. Our *vacations* now involve driving somewhere in a minivan and staying with family : ). Maybe I missed it, but where are you going?

  22. We are up and out of here on Tuesday. I can’t wait! We were just away the previous weekend too. I like to go away because it reminds me of how much I love to come home. :-)

  23. I am NOT a morning person either. Not. At all. Blech. Morning. Ugh.
    A family vacation in another country! How fun! Where are ya off to? I can’t wait to see vacation pics! :)

  24. We have not vacation plans this summer. But I really wish I could get out of Ohio for awhile, I would love to go to a beach somewhere.

  25. Loving your skirt!

    And, we are the same way…it looks nice outside until you go out there, and then you become a buffet feast for the mosquitos no matter how much spray you put on!