Such a Sweet Shower

I have wonderful friends. They are sweet, loving, thoughtful, talented ladies. I thank God for them. And after seeing them this weekend, back at ‘home,” I miss them.

But even though I had to leave once again, it was proven to me that no matter what, they will be in my life, especially for the most important things. Like the blessing of a new baby (girl.) They were kind enough to host and attend a wonderful baby shower and truly showered me and the baby with love and pretty things.

(click on image to make bigger)

Aren’t they all gorgeous? I even got to see my friend Teri’s little girl Taylor (bottom right) who I hadn’t seen since she was a “wittle” baby! She’s SO cute!

So, you saw that I mentioned ‘talented’ above right?

Yeah, they are GOOD. In the playgroup I was in before moving, we are all scrapbookers and even though most of them have converted to digital scrapbooking, they reverted back to their ‘old school’ ways and made one for me. It’s tradition for everyone to get a scrapbook filled with already completed pages and because I joined the group after Little G was born I didn’t get one until now. Isn’t it beautiful??

There’s the first page on the right. With a little hint at the baby’s name. But I’m not blogging it yet. And for those of you who are privileged enough to know, well just consider yourself extra special! ; )

Also, Tim’s grandmother hand-painted a beautiful Noah’s Ark night light but it’s currently lit up in the baby room (where Little G still sleeps) so I will have to post a picture of it another time. It’s so wonderful and is a cherished gift.

All in all the shower was fabulous but too short. I wish I could have spent ALL afternoon visiting with my friends and eating cake… But then, who doesn’t??

I also have some shopping to do thanks to those who gifted me with gift cards. Oh and I have several crafty type things to finish to complete the baby’s room. And there’s some other necessities to stock up on. And well, Little G kinda needs a bed so he can move out of her room and in with brother.

Apparently there’s a lot to do in about 6 weeks! Tim…. oh Tim… where are you dear???

Oh yeah, my Tim who took care of the boys while I was gone and mopped floors, did laundry and dishes, all yesterday. He’s THE man. My man.

Anywho, thanks to my friends for the shower, to my MIL and C & C (my friends who know who they are…) for chauffeuring me around all weekend and to my Tim for holding down the fort. I am truly blessed. As is our little girl.

P.S. First Day of Kindergarten today for The B Man! I’ll let y’all know how it goes (of course!!)



  1. You do have wonderful friends- that scrapbook alone is worth it’s weight in gold : ). Can’t wait to hear how kindergarten goes.

    I miss you my friend.

  2. That is so special…great friends. Scrapbooks are my favorite, so much love goes into them….
    Kindergarden YAY!!!!! Hope he has a great day!! You guys start early there! We still 3 more weeks!
    6 weeks and counting… so so close I can sens ethe excitement from way up north here!

  3. How sweet! I saw your tweet last night I didn’t realize you headed back home! HOW COOL!! :)

  4. You must post a first day of school picture.

    Looks like your shower was lovely. So glad you got to come “home” and celebrate you and your sweet girl.

  5. What a lovely day you had!! And, yes, your friends are beautiful!

    I LOVE that scrapbook!!! I want to see ALL the pages! =)

  6. What great friends!

  7. You do have a great group of creative, loving friends! What a fun shower and I’m loving all the PINK!

  8. That’s so nice!

    I’m also happy to note that your shower cake is not a Cake Wreck! Yay.

  9. The scrapbooks is AWESOME! What a special gift from your amazing friends! I’m so glad you made it back to the Lone Star State for the weekend!!

    I’m so anxious to hear how the B man did in Kindergarten today! We start in 1 week!!!

  10. How special! It looks like a fabulous time and the scrapbook is beautiful!

    You look great and I hope you are able to get all you need to do done in 6 weeks. :)

  11. Her name starts with K? You can imagine my love of THAT! Hee hee, can’t wait to find out her name!

    What a wonderful group of friends, I can see why you were so sad to leave them.

  12. So sweet!

    Girls are so awesome and you seem to have amazing friends!

  13. You are one lucky lady! Glad the shower went well!

    I hope the first day of Kindergarten goes good as well! :-)

  14. super sweet!!

    and 6 weeks?? yay you!!

  15. Congratlulations!

  16. Great friends are hard to find! Glad you have so many! Lucky lady!

  17. What a great shower! You have awesome friends!!

    Now, I cannot wait to hear Baby Girl’s name!

  18. great day, great friends – great photos too!

  19. What a wonderful group of friends!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  20. What a wonderful group of friends!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  21. I am sooooo excited that we got a good group picture this time!

    Love that you loved your shower. It was really great to see you!

  22. Awwww! So glad you had such a sweet time and are feeling the love. ummm, I love you too and was there in spirit. Okay? that scrapbook is totally awesome. We want pictures of every page once it’s completed with your sweet girl’s first portraits!

  23. I am so glad to hear you got to see all your friends and that you had a great shower! I am so excited to get to meet your little miss!