Stuff At Least Two of You Wanted to Know

I was tagged by both Amy at Permission to Peruse and Lisa at Growin’ Up Mo (a while ago, sorry girls…) for the good ole 7 Random Things Meme. And, since I got nothin’ else today I figured I could thank these ladies for tagging me and giving me something to blog about during my continuation of NaBloPoMo. (is November over yet?)

1. I have to clean up as I cook and get rid of trash or recyclable containers, put spices away and things back in the pantry. But I don’t lay it all out to begin with, I just get it as I need it. And if Tim is cooking, I follow around after him and throw stuff out. Because guess what – he doesn’t have the same philosophy.

2. I am a magazine junkie. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I think I may really have a problem. When I get a new one first I have to just flip through the whole thing then I go back later and read whatever interests me.

3. I think I had my first pedicure when I was like 26 or 27. And now? I can probably count on 1 hand how many times since then I have done my own toes. I love a good pedi. Plus, it’s the only time I can catch up on my celebrity gossip since I don’t actually get any of THOSE magazines.

4. If I didn’t have to worry about calories, I could eat some type of cheesecake every day. That stuff is GOOD. Y’all saw my recipe right? Yeah, using T-Day as an excuse to have some. Don’t judge me.

5. Both times I was pregnant I couldn’t stand grilled chicken breast. Just the thought of it made me ill. Not pregnant, I’m fine with it.

6. I buy clothes pretty randomly. I don’t really think about what something is going to go with, I just buy it because I like it and figure it out once I get home. That’s probably why my closet needs to be cleaned out again.

7. I have the terrible habit of asking questions and then not listening for the answers. But my husband still loves me (he’s saint-like for this.) Sorry if I didn’t listen to your answer recently. I’m working on this, really I am…

So there’s some “random” for you.

I’m off to starve myself in preparation for Thursday… ; )



  1. TOTALLY with you on #2 and #3.

  2. I am the very same on #1–I always get on my husband for not cleaning while cooking.
    I love pedicures too :)

  3. Magazines? I can’t get enough of them! Also limiting my food/alcohol intake until Thursday.

  4. Loving that post! So random and fun to read. :o)

  5. I was the same way with chicken when I was pregnant. It was a problem because we ALWAYS eat a lot of chicken.
    Fun post! :)

  6. I clean as I cook too :-) Drives me nuts to have the kitchen a disaster and then try to relax and eat dinner!! Pedis are amazing, although it’s been a long time since I had one. Hmmmm, maybe I should do one for Christmas!!

  7. I’m right there with you on 1,2 and 5. How funny about the chicken.. I could not eat any type of chicken..

  8. #7 – me too! It works with my husband tho, since he likes to tell the same ol’ stories over and over again.
    Such a fun post!

  9. i have that issue with chicken preggers or not – it just grosses me out.

    and btw i love your weekly winner from last week “lying down on the job” – best ever!!

  10. Love your random tidbits. I have to clean as I cook also.

  11. Hey, no starving allowed while I am on the watch. Eat healthy and reasonably most of the time…keep running, and eat those delicious treats for Thanksgiving.

    Totally wishing I was American so I could celebrate it again this week!!

  12. really!

    I like “hearing” about how people are so like me, or not… so thanks for sharing.

    and when your done with your closet, can you help me do mine???

  13. Can’t wait for Turkey Day!! And I can’t believe you’ve been posting every day! That’s some serious dedication, right there.

  14. I love stopping by blogs and getting to know the author better. I think it is funny that you follow your husband around when he cooks. My husband would have a fit if I did that -he so rarely cooks it really isn’t a possibility anyway.

  15. I have that same #7. I realize it is really bad, I too am trying to work on it.

    Loved reading the randomness.

  16. OMGoodness, I haven’t opened a magazine since I started blogging. I have 3 subscriptions. I should probably just forward them to you because my hubs is starting to get mad at me 😉

  17. I had the chicken phobia with pregnancy #1. The thought of even eating chicken made me want to hurl!

    Also, I like toclean as I go when cooking, it just makes the clean-up at the end so much easier.

    I’m doing a giveaway on my blog- go check it out!

  18. I’m with you on #1 – I can’t stand anyone else in my kitchen!

  19. Oh yeah, chicken seriously grossed me out when I was pregnant too…especially with Cole. Strange because it is practically the only meat I eat!!