Stars in Their Eyes

Yes, I invested a few dollars of our money in cheap sunglasses for party favors and yes, they were “Made in China” but in this case, I kinda think it was worth it.

And yes, Little G’s are upside down. The Birthday Boy can wear ’em any way he wants AFAIC.*

*as far as I’m concerned

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    (I’m a big fan of great dollar store finds!)

  2. Oh, the kids are so cute!! Love the glasses!!

  3. LOVIN the shades. I want some. Happy WW! Drop by and link up!

  4. Love love love.

    And you’re right. He can wear them any way he wants.

  5. Such fun! I love Baby’s K’s extra pair for munching. = )

  6. too cute!! and happy belated birthday to the G-man!!

  7. Those are awesome!

  8. Oh, they are all rocking their super star shades! And, upside-down is the new right-side-up!

  9. I love B striking a pose! So cute!

  10. Love them upside down!

  11. OH, cute!

  12. those are great pics….love the upside down glasses! they look like little rockers!

  13. Popped in to say hi! How cute!

  14. Elaine, your kids are so cute- and superstars too!

  15. I agree. Money well spent. You have some super keepers there :)

  16. First of all- your kids are GORGEOUS!

    AND? Those glasses were worth double what you paid. Fantastic! Happy birthday to G Man!! xo

  17. no doubt about – TOTALLY worth it!