Staples Arc Organizing System {Giveaway}

I had a small panic attack the other day because I was trying to decide what to do first.  I have a lot of “To Do”s.  Don’t you?

I like to make lists and write things down and I had started to put everything in my phone and all these alerts were going off and I was not used to looking at the “notes” that I typed in the phone so even though things were “noted” I did not know, you know?

Anyway, my brain already hurt (as does yours probably, after reading the above) and school, plus all the kids’ extra activities had just begun!  I needed HELP.

Thankfully, Staples came to the rescue with the Arc notebook and organizing system.  I have not used an organizer in a while, just a note pad here and there but I decided that it was probably a good idea to give this thing a try and I LOVE it.

I have a separate tab for each of the fairly important things that I need to keep track of in my life and although I still primarily use my phone for my calendar of events, this notebook is wonderful for notes, keeping passwords handy, coupons, deadlines, etc.

Plus it is small enough to toss in my purse and take with me to the grocery store, the coffee shop while “working” (I have been known to actually get something productive done while sucking down a Grande vanilla latte) or just to have handy while on a phone call, etc.

And it holds my favorite pen.

I think the best part of the notebook system are the separate task pads, with the small, list-making sheets like you see on the top right.  They fit into the brads of the notebook but can be moved or taken out whenever. Those babies are a list-makers dream!  Great for grocery lists or other reminders.

Staples promotes this as “a customizable notebook system that is organized the way you think”, so of course you can use it the best way for YOU!

Now who wants to win one?  Staples is giving one lucky reader an Arc organizing system, which includes a notebook, ruled pages, page flags, task pads, and a 5 pack of tab dividers.  Plus an awesome Avant Pro pen, like mine! Enter to win below and get organized my friends.  It’s a great feeling!

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please make sure I have a way to get in touch with you should you win! Thanks!

*I received one Arc organizing system in exchange for my honest opinions which are of course, all my own. 


  1. PLEASE. Get me organized!

  2. What doesn’t need organized? Actually I like an electronic calendar but miss places to write real lists and notes.

  3. I need help organizing my life!

  4. I have no idea – I need to efficiently organize my days that the kids are in school, or else I’ll waste hour upon hour on FB. I love planners, but my problem is that I don’t consult them!

  5. Soccer, dr. appointments, groceries, to-dos….

  6. The children’s one million appointments need organizing. And that’s it. That, and everything else in my life :)

  7. everything! i can’t remember anything anymore unless i write it down….. aging sucks….

  8. You name it, it needs organized. Mostly though, I need a better time management system. Having a place to write it down in one place would be a tremendous start.

  9. My whole life could use a do over right about now.

  10. Oh my, I’m on a huge quest to get more organized! 3 kids, soccer practices & games, gymnastics, working from home… All of it!

  11. Well since I’m such a scatter-brain all the times trying to keep up with 3 girls in 3 different schools, I need some organization over here.

  12. I am sort of all over the place with the notes and calendars and phone reminders. Maybe that is why I never really feel organized! :)

  13. My whole house! lol I love to be organized, but I am not very good at it :)

  14. My husband needs organizing and this will help me help him :)

  15. I didn’t even know I needed it until seeing this. Now my iPhone is insufficient to keep me organized!

  16. Very very cute! as well as helpful!!

  17. I need everything organized, schedules, appointments, meal plans, grocery lists, blog things…I need a list of the things I need to organize.

  18. I am desperate for organization! 3 kids, full time job, room mom…….

  19. My home needs lots of organizing.

  20. This is great! I work by notepads, too, but could use something I can easily take with me. Plus it is cute! Love the cover.

  21. I’m a list fanatic. I love this. I cannot live without a live to-do list and a variety of post-its.

  22. Ooh, I love organizers!

  23. I need a good organizer, this one sounds great!

  24. I want and need this so badly I can taste it! It sort of tastes like paper and reminds me of that incident in first grade BUT never mind that. I need this and it sounds so absolutely perfect.

  25. I need to organize all my meetings and appointments.

  26. I need help organising my full time PhD study, my applied practice as a sport psychologist, my part-time work within primary school sport, my articles to read and if I’m lucky some sort of social life!

  27. Everything, including class work for my second Masters degree.

  28. Everything. Especially the new business I am launching in the new year :)

  29. Everything. Especially the new business I am launching in the new year :)

  30. I need my phone numbers and addresses organized.

  31. I work 3 jobs, and am soon going back to school to earn my bachelors degree. I love to be organized, and am looking for the best system!

  32. My coupons, computer desk, bills all need organizing

  33. I write everything down. I can’t do it via the computer because it helps me to remember if I see a visual reminder.

  34. I seriously need organizing.

  35. I am the one who needs organizing. I am a very organized person. I just have organized piles of stuff everywhere.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this terrific planning system.

    Barbara @

  36. I need to organize my file cabinet.