The Soundtrack of My Life

It’s the little boy laughter that echoes throughout the cavernous living room.

It’s the music from the exer-saucer as baby’s hand smacks down. Is it something from the Baroque period? I’m not sure.

It’s the swish of the washer and the tumble of the dryer.

It’s the beeping of the microwave and the ice maker dropping a few cubes.

It’s the pull of a dining chair across the tile kitchen floor.

It’s the little stirrings and cries as baby wakes.

It’s Justin Roberts and the Wicked soundtrack and songs from Glee while driving in the car.

It’s Tom & Jerry and Max & Ruby.

It’s the question for some milk or water to drink.

It’s the garage door humming on it’s way up as Daddy pulls into the driveway.

It’s the prayer before dinner “Bless us O Lord…”

It’s the water rushing into the bath tub where my babies get clean.

It’s the baby girl breathing as she relaxes into, and falls asleep in my arms.

It’s the whisper of “I love you” from my husband.

It’s the t.v. in the background while my fingers type.

It’s the silence of my bedroom as I lay down to decompress and prepare to wake and hear it all again tomorrow.

Oh and lately it’s the boys, singing a little Guns N Roses…



  1. This is beautiful. Very nicely written.

    And the video? Cute.

  2. video made my day! :-) sooo stinkin’ cute those boys you have and B has a great voice!

  3. B clearly takes after his beautiful Momma! Beautiful voice. And G is so cute, I love it!

    And your poem, is just beautiful and so true. Great writing Elaine!

  4. Love it! My son (also 5) keeps asking to watch it over and over. He just said, “My friend has a really great voice!” :)

  5. that has got to be one of the cutest things ever! Loved everything about this post, Elaine…a “best of Miss Elaine-ous” contender. :)

  6. Ha! That is too cute! They must be singing about you!

  7. OMG. I love that video – your boys are adorable.

    Maria @BOREDmommy

  8. Loved this post.
    And your boys are awesome :)

  9. love this!

  10. love this!

  11. Your oldest has great range! I see a future rock star in the family!!!!

    I love this post!

  12. What a great idea for a post! I love it.

    The video? Adorable. Isabella hearts them both. And B? He’s good, Elaine!

  13. Those words are perfect…. and the video is super cute!

  14. What a great soundtrack!

  15. Love the whole post, but especially those boys singing. :)

  16. Love the singing video–and little B can really carry a tune! Hope there is a children’s choir at your church! love, ann

  17. I loved every single thing about this post. So sweet. And magical. They are precious : )