Sonograms are Better Nowadays, Right?

I’ve been wrapped up in expecting a girl.

The clothes, the bows, the PINK, the polka dots (I love me some polka dots!), the idea of dressing MY child in a DRESS and it being well, APPROPRIATE.

I went to our new dentist this morning and the hygienist (who’s probably in her early ’50’s) felt the need to share with me her ‘they told me my second was a girl three times and she came out a BOY’ story. Yeah, don’t do that to me lady.

Admittedly, I would be somewhat devastated INITIALLY if that happened on October 1st. I would have to re-decorate and I would mourn the loss of all the baby boy clothes I gave away. Oh AND? I would have to re-name my child.

However, if for some CUH-RAZY reason it did, I would still love that baby to the moon and back, just as I do my other two boys.

I mean how could you NOT love faces and sweet BOYS like these??

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Sure they have their moments and “FART” is pretty much the most favored word around here lately, but I wouldn’t trade ’em for all the chocolate in the world. And that’s saying something people.

They do like to get a little attitude every now and again though, and ‘gang’ up on me at snack time.
“Yo, Momma, you gonna get us somethin’ to eat or not?? C’mon lady, we’re hungry here!!”

(…please be a girl, please be a girl, please….)


P.S. You see my counter over there? Subtract 6 days from it. Yeah that’s right – 9 days, only 9 days…



  1. I can’t believe how quickly your due date is approaching! Woohoo! And don’t worry… you are for sure having a girl! And how much fun is that going to be? Although, as a mom of two boys, I can say with all my heart boys are every bit just as precious just like you said! :) You get the best of both worlds soon! :)

  2. Oh it’s a GIRL for sure! Isn’t it crazy how the preggo-mind wanders…you are having a pretty, pink, snuggly, soft, sweet baby girl. The boys rock for sure, but the frills are so much fun :) Hang on in there! xo

  3. GIRL POWER!! (That’s my 2yo daughter’s favorite saying right now) – so yes, its DEFINITELY a girl!! Your boys are adorable – so freakin’ cute!! You’re almost there!!!

  4. GIRL POWER!! (That’s my 2yo daughter’s favorite saying right now) – so yes, its DEFINITELY a girl!! Your boys are adorable – so freakin’ cute!! You’re almost there!!!

  5. Yeah ultrasounds are much better than that. Its a girl and soon you are going to meet her.

  6. nine days?!?! yay!! can’t wait to see her! :)

  7. Well, I will say that my second was supposed to be a girl, but he is most definitely a boy. That rarely happens nowadays though. Sonos are much better nowadays. Heck, they even have 3-D ones, which I wasn’t offered when I was pregnant with my son. Plus, I had my sono done a bit early, and I think that was the problem. I am sure you will be holding a sweet, snuggly, precious baby girl in just 9 days. How wonderful is that? Enjoy her!

  8. Oh…I am so hoping the sonogram was right…you need some female support in that testosterone filled house!

    PS I agree….prob would have to change the name. good call!

  9. I am going to guess you will go into labor on Thursday.

  10. I’m sooo excited for you! I’m a mama of two girls and also wouldn’t trade it for all the chocolate in the world. Last weekend my 3 1/2 yr old and I went and got mani-pedi’s :)

    SOOOooo excited for you!

    LOVE the snack gang up shot :)

  11. Your so having a girl. No worries. :) Technology has changed so much from even 5 yrs ago till now. Do you know my hubs was supposed to be a girl.. YEP! I give him total hell about that all the time. LOL

  12. I think they used to just assume that the absence of a penis meant a girl, so they didn’t look any further. But now like you said, sonograms are much better and they look for more than just an absence of a penis. Can’t wait to meet that little GIRL.

  13. I can’t believe that it’s only 9 days away for you! I’m so jealous….

    You’re having a girl. I think I’m having a girl too.

  14. Yea for G rocking the Rangers hat! Way to represent!

    She is a girl. Yes they are much more accurate these days, especially if you have had more than one. Stop finding things to worry about. 😉

  15. This is so funny to me because even though my US assured me boy everyone says i am having a girl.

    Lets make a deal if you end up with a boy and me a girl we wil just trade stuff! LOL!

    I wouldnt worry! I am sure Sonos are much more accurate now and you are most definitely having a girl with all the sweet cravings!

  16. I keep having the same thoughts! That Miss E will be born with extra baggage.

    and I’m loving the pink too much.

    Our girls are almost here and I can’t wait for the both of us!

  17. Yes. I’ve heard those stories too. It’s part of the reason I don’t think we’ll find out if we have a third. We’ll just wait till he or she is here. They are right most of the time though…your odds are definitly good :)

  18. I had the same fears with my second because, yup, I have a cousin who was told she was having a girl, bought all pink Everything and had to return or donate it all because… boy. BUT – I had a girl, just like the ultrasounds said I would. Our pictures were also very clear, legs spread wide open and all that.

    Either way – 9 days to go!!!! Woohoo!!! You must be so excited to meet your new little one!

  19. NINE DAYS???? NINE??? That is so close! I am so excited for you!!!

    I felt the same way. I was so mixed as to whether or not to get excited about having a girl. The first words out of my mouth when the doctor was laying her on my chest and telling me she was a girl was, “It IS a girl?” I was still surprised. hehehe After having three boys it was hard to believe I had a girl. :)

    Soon you will know for absolute certain. :)

  20. Baby girl on the way! How exciting.

  21. Wow! She really is almost here!

    The boys are looking super cute!

    9 days isn’t long at all, I can’t wait to see photos!

  22. Oh, I know how you feel. With 3 boys first and then my girl, I know what you are going through too well. Let me tell you, if you are like me, you will spend the first year and half thinking, “I can’t believe I have a girl. Look at her!”

  23. It’s easier to screw up calling a boy a girl than a girl a boy I think. No penis no penis. :) Good luck and sending all my girl vibes. :) Although to definitely make adorable little boys too.

  24. Only 9 days?!!! WOW!!

    Don’t listen to those stories–so so rare!
    (warning though—boys have a ‘little’ attitude, girls have ‘A LOT’ of attitude 😉 )

  25. NINE DAYS????

    Oh, yay!! Can’t wait to meet her :)

  26. I didnt believe we were having a girl until she was out even though the technologist said she was 100% sure!

    They wouldnt tell you if they werent positive.

  27. Ugh. Those last days are the WORST aren’t they? Waiting and swollen and ready and done and crying and huge and…oh, sorry, maybe not for you? Here’s hoping you get through them quickly, easily and with a sweet pink (not blue) bundle at the end.

  28. Wowie! I haven’t seen you around in a while – where have I been? Now you are having baby number three! Congratulations!!!!

  29. NINE DAYS! Whoa girl…your GIRL is almost here!!!

  30. It’s a girl. I always knew it was and well, I am clearly an expert 😉

    9 days? YAY!

  31. You are really in the final stretch!

    Hooray for little girls :)

  32. I think the ultrasounds are pretty bang on these days…having 2 boys in utero, trust me you could see the pee pee a mile away!
    You are so very close, enjoy some rest, if you can!

  33. I was thrilled to get a girl after my son. I mean, I LOVE my son but girl clothes are so much better!

  34. Wow, 9 days…I can’t wait to see her. Wish it could be in person but I will take pictures. Hope everything goes exactly how you want it. We miss you guys..Trinity keeps asking why yall moved. She says things like “didn’t they like their house, it was perfect.”

  35. –>Congrats on having a girl. I love having my almost 3-year old little boy at home. So Much Energy…yikes!


  36. Not much longer! I’m thinking about you!

  37. LOL, I think that the mistake is usually made the other way around…I’m sure you’ll get your girl!! :) :)

  38. So exciting!! Can’t believe she’s almost here! Yes, I said she. ;o)

  39. Wow 9 days!! I can’t believe it! So excited to meet her & it is SO a “her”!

  40. People said that with me ALL the time…so annoying!

    SHE is so a girl! And I can’t wait until she arrives! How exciting!!

  41. Not to freak you out, but a teacher at Zoe’s school had a baby in August. Her name was going to be Lilly.

    Lilly’s name is Duke because Lilly was a girl.

    I don’t understand with all the technology we have today that could happen, but I guess it does.

    But not to you, it doesn’t.


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  43. Yowza…that would really be something. I really don’t hear of too many ‘wrongs’…

    It’ll be fine…and I REALLY can’t believe how close you are!! WOW!

  44. My husband and I have been having the same conversations lately. We had two wishy-washy “It is a girl” and one definite “girl” from a well-trained doctor. No ultrasounds in the last 14 weeks or so though has left a lingering doubt!

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