Some Same Something

I woke up unusually early to go to the gym since my schedule was packed for the rest of the day.  As I came to the end of the street where I turn onto the main road I saw two teenage girls standing in the dark morning, waiting for the bus.  They stood about 15 feet from each other both in their own space, not taking, just looking at the ground.

And just seeing them tugged at my heart and my first thought was, “just talk to each other, you’re more alike than you know.”  Part of me wanted to roll down the window and holler at them to tell them.  But it was cold and I knew they’d probably think I was just some crazy lady.

The thin one stood in the chilly air with her cute outfit and perfect ponytail.  The heavier one was dressed all in black and her long hair covered part of her face.

I knew those girls.  I knew them years ago when I was their age.  I could probably read their minds.  But teenage telepathy is a dangerous thing.

I wanted them to talk to each other because I bet they had something in common, some same insecurity or crush.  Some same need or favorite.  Some same something.  Maybe they had the same birthday.  It could happen.  One in 365 are not bad odds, if you ask me.

And who knows, maybe someday they’ll be best friends anyway.  They might meet again at a workplace or a Mom’s group.  Their babies might have the same colic or reflux or diaper rash tendencies.  Maybe they will sit over coffee and commiserate about how badly potty-training is going or the best chicken chili recipe.

Who knows?  Certainly they have something in common because well, don’t we all?

If only they knew it now…

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  1. I think this all the time!! Last year I had 2 separate baby-sitters that were seniors in high school (they had different availability)

    Eventually I found out that THEY WENT TO THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL! One was a cheerleader. 5’10”, blond, gorgeous. They other was awkward, frizzy red hair, and in the robot wars club. They couldn’t be more different.

    I asked them each if they knew the other, and they both replied “I know who she is, but we do not know each other.”

    It was crazy to me! They both LOVE and LOVED on my kids. They fed them, bathed them, rocked them to sleep. How could they NOT be friends???? Sad thing is, they didn’t even try. :(

  2. Oh, I love this! Because you are so right! And yet even now if I run into someone from high school, I fall back into my mental pattern of thinking I’m not in their group! So we don’t belong together.
    It’s a LIE, I tell you!

  3. Yes! I often wonder if I’ve crossed paths with someone before or if I will again. And sometimes those unexpected meetings amongst strangers are just some of the best moments that we remember for a long time to come. :>

  4. such an interesting topic. i see teenagers all the time and I just want to pull them aside and whisper advice or encouragement or tell them something I’ve learned. Being nice and reaching out to anyone – regardless of the differences – is always on my list. I guess it’s just all part of life, the learning stuff.

  5. Such an interesting post, Elaine. They are probably thinking though “OMG I cannot believe I still have to ride the bus at my age. I hope my friends don’t see me!” That’s what I thought at 15 while ignoring my neighbor standing near me. 😉

  6. What a great post and so true, we waste so much time as girls not liking each other and lifting each other up through the toughest years for all of us.

  7. This gave me chills.

    So true, so wise.

    {Tugs at my heart, too.}

  8. Going thru this right now with my teenager! It’s so hard to get them to understand that just because they are different on the outside doesn’t mean they are different on the inside. It’s a struggle everyday over here and I just wish they would see what we see sometimes!!!

  9. So true! I was one of those girls too. I wonder if it’s something we have to go through to learn the truth?

    It all seems so ridiculous as an adult but I remember it being very real when I was a kid/teenager.


  10. Oh my goodness… Something so poignant about that image– a metaphor for all of teenager-hood, I think.

  11. Yes!!!! And you’re right, those are great odds! We had a 1 in 4000 chance of getting pg….our son is now 15 months old! :)

  12. I love this E! So thoughtful.

  13. Oh this is SO true.

  14. this is so spot on! SO perfectly describes the teenage years (esp the girls)… trust me, have 2 in my house who never talk to each other. ugh

  15. A poignant portrait of a very awkward age — my heart aches for my 15-year old who thinks she is the only kid who feels as awkward and unsure as she. No matter what I tell her, she won’t believe me that EVERYONE in school feels that way at least part of the time. Thanks for reminding me that she’s not the only one :)

  16. …and the actual link to my blog may be found here (wrong url in my previous comment…)

  17. If only we could say, “Hey- in ten years you’re going to be friends on facebook anyway so why not start talking now?” :)


  18. What a wonderful post!
    I sometimes what to scream the same thing at adults. We all have more in common than we think. People are people the world over. They love their families. Want the best for their children. Strive for similar things. Some same something. Love that.

  19. I love this. So, so true!

  20. Yes, we all do have something in common. I am reminded every time I read every single blog in a link-up, and I am grateful the Web has made it possible for us all to communicate. Beautifully expressed. Thanks for being here.

  21. Steph stole my comment. What a wonderful post. In fact I bet it actually applies to moms too, I am always looking at the woman with the toddler at Starbucks willing her to talk to me…

  22. Yes. I’ve never been one of those people to stand around and not talk to the people around me. Unless I’m on a plane. But otherwise I just can’t do it. I think it is sad that they can be so close but so distant.

  23. It seems like high school puts life under a microscope that squashes you small and makes the gulf between you and others vast and deep. I wish they would talk to each other, too.

  24. My favorite thing I’ve read here.

    So many facets.

    Teens…they need a crazy lady. Fortunately, my girls have me.