So, an unfortunate thing happened and other ramblings…

 red bud buds that aren’t well…. red…. 

I broke my camera lens. But not in the way you may think.

While at the zoo last week the camera “jumped” off the back of the stroller (seriously, I have NO idea how it got bumped off) and when it fell my lens went flying off and the mounting pieces inside broke off. So, I’m currently lens-less.

The last picture I took before my the lens disaster
pretty tiger…

As some of you may have seen on twitter, I did order a new 50mm lens (early b-day present!) but it’s currently on back order and my other lens is being fixed (by THE only guy in town here that fixes cameras!) but it will take approximately 2 weeks for me to get it back.


….the only “camera” I have right now is on my iPhone.


It takes okay pictures but not awesome ones. And me? Well, I like to take pictures so I’m kinda at a loss. But I’m also trying to just enjoy the moment for the moment instead of it always being an “oooh, oooh, this would make a great picture!!” moment, you know?

 having dinner “al fresco” – taken w/ iPhone

Yeah, you know.

But admittedly, it’s hard.

Oh and Baby K is SO very close to “The Age of Maximum Cuteness” that I can hardly take it and I want to take her picture all the time. I know, it’s a disease.

Also, I got mah hairs did this weekend and my “girl” (doesn’t everyone call their hairdresser “my girl” or “my guy”?) cut a little more off than I wanted. I know it grows back but still. Why’d she go and do that? Of course in a couple of months when it’s CRAZYASASUPERLUNATIC hot and humid here then I’ll probably be at the salon door begging for her to chop it of so, there’s that.

mah “new” hair

On a COMPLETELY different note, it’s been interesting having an almost 7 year old and him asking questions about what happened in Japan. His sensitive heart keeps asking about the people there. Tonight he even prayed for any children that may have lost their parents in the tragedy. So heart-breaking but I was so proud of him. Thankfully he doesn’t seem too worried that something like that would happen here (you know how kids brains work…) and he’s not scared, just concerned I think… What are you saying to your kiddos about what’s happened and is still going on in Japan?

Oh and to change the subject one more time, I’m back “low-carbing” it since I want to lose a few more pounds and Tim and I both gave up alcohol for Lent. So, if I seem a little testy…. (all at the same time my camera is broken!??!?!)  I’ll do my best to stay my same, happy, mostly chipper self but just in case I DON’T, well, you’ll know why.

When’s Easter again??


  1. Sorry about your camera.

    Love your boy’s tender heart. I think praying about it and keeping it simple is the way to go. My kids have only asked about it a little bit.

    Good luck with the food discipline. I am frustrated at myself currently, hopefully it will help me kick things up a notch.

    I got my hair cut two weeks ago and have decided it is not short enough! Will be trying to go back as soon as possible.

  2. So sorry about the camera.
    Good luck with the no carbs and no alcohol thing! Ack!
    Your hair looks great!

  3. Wow…camera AND Lent. That IS a lot to handle!

    I do love the hair cut by the way!

  4. Love the haircut. Pretty lady!

  5. I think your hair looks great. Did you lighten your highlights?

    Hopefully your camera will be repaired super fast.

    Baby Girl hasn’t really asked about Japan, but I haven’t been watching it on the news much. We were talking about it at lunch on Friday and she asked if it would happen here and I told her no and that was pretty much the extent of it. Of course she has had other things on her mind.

  6. Oh you will LURVE that 1.4. It is a masterpiece.

  7. Love your new hair! Sorry about your camera, I felt so bad when it happened.

    Also, WHO on earth is fixing your lens?! I want to get mine fixed.

  8. Aren’t children amazing! I love that your son has such a tender heart.

    I’m so sorry about your camera. That’s my biggest phobia about talking my DSLR out with us. Of course, what’s the point of a sleek camera if you don’t use it? Grr! I have yet to find a suitable camera bag that works as a good MOM bag too. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. There’s so much here!

    I’m sorry about your camera lens.
    It *is* hard to just let a moment be a moment.
    I have a tummy ache thinking about Japan, telling my children about it makes it worse.
    And your hair looks fabulous.

    I’m so very glad that I found your site today!

  10. Ohhhh. Boo. Sorry about the camera. I know how hard that can be. I was on a “taking pictures of everything” kick a while back. It was exhausting so I had to quit, but I still get it.
    Grace is at maximum cuteness right now. Right aroudn 18 months is my FAVORITE age. I wish I could freeze her like this forever.

    I love your hair! It looks great!

  11. That totally sucks about your camera but on the bright side, you have fabulous hair.

  12. it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, K is still cute! love the hair, and yes it will grow! what u got planned for your birthday?

    oh, and easter ain’t until LATE april!
    do you remember when good friday was on your birthday? actually, you probably don’t, coz i was around 19 and u would have still be in nappies!!!

  13. Your little guy is so sweet with his concern for those in Japan.

    I’m sorry about your camera and glad to hear that you did order your new lens. The hair looks great!

    The last thing I want to say…is oh my gosh do you look close to that Tiger! 😉

  14. oh no…not the camera!! That absolutely sux!! My camera is currently on its last legs (point and shoot not worth fixing) but like you said…it is nice to feel more in the moment than worried about what it will look like on the camera (and subsequently the blog)

    Good luck going low carb – I don’t know that I could do that, I love my bread too much!! (but out of curiosity what plan are you following? Is that how you lost weight to begin with? I have 20+pounds to lose and should try something!!)

  15. Oh, no! Hopefully, the backordered lens surprises you and gets there early…or the lens repair man works faster than expected.

    Your hair looks cute. I’m going next weekend and I can’t decide if I want to keep it long, or chop it off.

  16. Your hair looks fab. Seriously.