“Silly Sandwhiches,” Etc.

So, Ben has come up with a new game from his plethora of food items that go in his shopping basket. He’s decided that it is fun to make “silly sandwhiches” out of the various foods, while stacking them on top of each other. He’s made me play this game about 3 times now since last night. I find this a little ironic because Ben doesn’t actually eat sandwhiches in real life but apparently he’s okay with making fake ones! Here is one of his specialties:This is a “waffle, cheese, pancake, peas, ice cream cone, bagel” sandwhich, but of course you knew that, right? Here’s Ben during his assembly process.Anyway, this is just one of the many imaginative things that Ben has come up with lately. He has quite the imagination these days and continues to be quite the talker in a language I call “Benish.”

Tomorrow is Ben’s last day at his regular daycare, where he’s been going since he was about 8 months old. He’s had many wonderful teachers and friends there and I know he will miss them and will surely be missed by his teachers. I am reminding myself right now to take my camera in the morning so I can get his picture with some of them…

Next week he will start a program at our church on Tuesdays and Thursdays and he will be home with Gavin and me the rest of the week. Please pray for us ALL as we make this transition! ; )

I have yet to put a Gavin P.T. update on here, so here’s the latest. We went for 3 weeks in a row to see Miss Julie at Cook Children’s rehab and she showed me several exercises and ways to position him in order to get him to be more balanced with his head. He tends to still turn primarily to the right on his own, but I do exercises with him about 4 times a day that rotate and bend his head both ways. He also pulls his shoulders up towards his head where you cannot see his neck and it causes extra wrinkles in his neck and shoulders (that aren’t supposed to be there) – we are also working on this problem with lots of tummy time and other positions where I put pressure on his back and chest to pull things down. During our visit last week she said he looked a lot better and that we could wait a month to come back. So, things are looking up (literally!) and we hope to continue to make progress.

Here’s a latest shot of our little cutie giving everyone the peace sign (he also wants the war to end!)

He’s getting more hair and is really starting to like playing Peekaboo. He’s also laughing and paying more attention to Ben and what he’s up to these days. My baby is already growing up! Oh my…