She’s So Random

I’m *pretty sure* I want to will run another half marathon in Austin at the end of March.  Like really, THE last day of March.  I’ve started training again like I’m going to do it but I’ve been eating like a pig lately peanut M&Ms are good. (I must be making up for low-carb lost time) and feeling kinda weird lately too, probably for that reason alone!

(Additional motivation is that my friends Lisa and Kim are going to be running the race and I really want to join them…)

Anyway, I had a massage (FINALLY!) on Wednesday morning and then yesterday I had this weird dizziness ALL morning and I basically laid on the couch while the kids played around me.  I have no idea if those 2 things are related and the massage was FAB.  But I have NO motivation, so far anyway, to run more than 3 times a week and I’ve also had some pesky headaches lately.  I plan to get up at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and go run with a local running group for a 5-miler and I feel like I MUST step it up this time if I’m going to beat my time and be more prepared this go ’round.

But it’s HARD.  Tim has been working practically non-stop this week and taking care of kids is exhausting in itself sometimes…

I’m a little bummed to be missing out on Blissdom this year.  It was SO great last year and now the tweets and posts and general talking are gearing up for this year’s conference and I just wish I could beam myself over for at least one night.  There is talk on twitter that a “Flat Elaine” may make an appearance so if you’re going, keep on the look out for me, k?  Also, I told the girls (@BeccasCrazyBoys @prairiemama @ErinMargolin @angelaamman @Missy_Stevens) that it better be a FLAT Elaine and not a FAT Elaine. *ahem*

Are you people watching “Revenge”??  I love this show.  Which is really kidna funny becuase when I originally saw the previews I remember saying to Tim, “why would anyone want to watch such a mean spirited show??” and I can fully say now that it’s to escape from the “real world” for a bit.  It’s kinda like the old soap operas that I grew up with, so there may be a bit of nostalgia there too.  Tim said he read somewhere that they had to re-write the show from the original script because they didn’t think the show was going to last this long! Anyway, I like it A LOT.

Lastly, just want to thank Dumb Mom for the awesome Snapfish credit I won over the Summer for winning a photo contest at her place.  So far I’ve ordered a photo book of mine and Tim’s trip to New York City and a canvas from our Florida trip this past summer.  I adore them both.  So, thanks girl.  Please keep up the contests! πŸ˜‰

Happy Weekend everyone…


  1. I knew you would do the running thing again. Love the print.

  2. i’m doing a “less is more” plan where it only calls for 3 runs a week (+ 2 cross trains). I’m up to 16 miles already and i’m feeling strong so it seems to be working. i think that over the next 2 months you can train plenty for a half marathon

  3. I know, all of the conference talk makes me jealous too and I have never been to a blogging conference. I have some friends doing a half in June but as of now I am not signed up. I have only done a 5 so really want to do a 10K. But this 1/2 is said to be the fastest in the country as it really is all downhill.

  4. I actually have not run in over a month. I was just so frustrated with my weird fluctuating weight and how stressful it was trying to find the time to run. Then I started getting sore knees/ankles all the time and I thought, FORGETIT!!!!
    It is kinda sad because I was finally doing consecutive 8 minute miles. I was so proud of myself, but I also was just kinda bummed. I just have to figure out what is going on with my body (hot flashes, bad skin, weight fluctuations, all kinds of weirdness). I checked my thyroid and that isn’t it. Just weird.
    ANYWAY (TMI, I know) I will start running again soon. I’m thinking of doing a marathon this fall. I’d better get going. πŸ˜‰

    (Headaches, dizziness, fondness for m&ms- hmmm- should we be EXPECTING and announcement?) πŸ˜‰

  5. Random comments for your random post :)

    I am signed up for a half, too. It’s not until October. I finally have the eating under control, and my running is on the fritz.

    I love the canvas print.

    Of COURSE she will be Flat Stylish Lovely Elaine!!

  6. Thanks for the great post on your blog, it really gives me an insight on this topic.

  7. You are a running machine! It’s hard to watch the tweets, but we can be non-blissdomers together.

  8. If you come to Austin I HAVE TO KNOW.

    You can’t be right here in my city and I not hug your neck.


    Remember that. =)

  9. Happy weekend to you, too! Love the canvas – it’s perfect! And I hear you, the Blissdom talk is hard to see go by! xo

  10. Perfect shot for a canvas…love it!


  11. I know you can make that half-marathon!

  12. Sign up for that half marathon already, girlfriend! I run 3 times a week (sometimes throw in a SHORT interval workout on a fourth day but not regularly), strength twice a week and yoga whenever I need it. I can’t wait to see you again!!!!

  13. I wish you were coming to Blissdom too! Sign up for the run–you know you’ll have fun with Lisa and Kim, regardless of your finish time. I would love to run with y’all too, but it is not happening. I’m still having to push to get 3 miles in, both time and motivation wise. I hope the headache issue gets better soon.

  14. Another half, you go girl! And no motivation to run more than 3 times a week? I am a big believer in 3 times a week runs being the max – it’s so repetitive and that’s the first step to injuries.

    Make sure you are drinking enough water and maybe even have Gatorade after your runs if it is hot out. I need it or I get headaches!

    And love the print, what a great photo!

    I am long winded today:)