The Weekend in Pictures

Saturday was the big day for our pictures and Christina was so wonderful to work with! She’s posted some of our shots here. We plan to get together later this week to see them all and introduce our kiddos to each other. (Yes kids, play amongst yourselves while we look at the pics!) I am so excited! Here we are together.

Thanks again Christina and I can’t wait to see the rest!

We had a pretty good long weekend. It was nice to have Tim home for several days (he took Friday off too) and we got a few things done around the house. Unfortunately his foot is still bothering him quite a bit but he saw an Orthopedist on Friday and the doctor said that is to be expected. He’s still having to soak it and wrap it up in an Ace bandage. He did a little too much yesterday so last night he was in quite a bit of pain. Let’s just all pray that it gets better soon and heals well.

We had some friends and family over yesterday. Tim loves to use his smoker and he bbq’ed a couple of chickens and some ribs. They were GOOD! Tim’s brother Brian and his girlfriend, Darlene, brought her cute little dog Emily and another puppy that she got for a friend. The puppy was so cute!! I wanted to keep her! But, she wasn’t mine, so… The kids had a blast playing in our two little kiddie pools and a fun sprinkler I bought the other day.

I think Ben was asleep before I even closed his door last night and he went to bed early too! I love the days when the kids just sack out from true and well-earned tiredness!

Here are some moments that we captured during the day.

Little G and the puppy, Belle, seemed to like each other.

The B Man “swam” off and on for about 5 hours.

He did take a break to spray those of us up on the deck with the sprinkler. Look how big my first baby is getting!! AHHH!

Little G wasn’t too sure about the sprinkler but he had a great time going down the little slide into the baby pool.

And he enjoyed his first watermelon quite a bit, I might add.

After Ben and his friend C finally got out of the water they enjoyed some quiet time together. Tim took this picture and I just love it!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend and time to rest and relax with family and/or friends. I’ve said extra prayers for those serving our country as well as their families.



  1. Sprinklers are such a blast!
    Happy y’all had a good weekend.

  2. Those pics are fabulous! That last one slays me! So sweet!!!

  3. I snuk over and took a peak what great photos

  4. I peeked at your pics she took, and they are awesome!

    Looks like you had a fun weekend! :)

  5. Fun shots! That puppy totally melts my butter.

  6. That is so fun! I love the watermelon picture. :)


  7. great pictures! i really love the one of Ben and ‘his girl’! Looks like yall had a great weekend too!

  8. just came over to say congrats on your award from kristen :)

    also looks like a wonderful, fun filled long weekend!!

  9. I agree – that last photo is particularly fabulous.

  10. Can’t wait for Friday!

    Okay, the similarities are piling up: first, both our men always want the fan on, and now, they both love to bbq. Okay, so most men like that, but still. :) Anyway, sounds like a great weekend and you’ve got great pictures of it!That puppy dog is too cute, but not as cute as your boys.

  11. Such great pictures!


  12. Now THAT looks like an awesome weekend. I love the pic of your little guy with the watermelon!

  13. That puppy is too cute. And, I saw your pics on the other site. GORGEOUS! You are LUCKY to have such amazing shots.

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend – I’m glad!! What darling pictures of your boys – so cute!!

    Nice to see you – take care – Kellan

  15. Sounds like an amazing weekend!!! :)

    AND look at you and Christina!! EEK! I am jealous. I want to hang out with you guys!

  16. Hi Elaine

    I can’t get over how small the blogging world can be. To think that you and Christina live so close to each other. Christina is very talented and captured beautiful shots of your family. I can’t wait to see which photos you end up with.

    Your poor husband, still in pain with his foot. Hopefully, a little more rest will do the trick and he will be back on it before he knows it.

    Sprinklers, many a weeked was passed with my sister and I running through the sprinkler when we were younger. Because of the water restrictions where we live in Australia, our children won’t get to experience this delight.
    Your boys must have had such a blast with the water activities outside.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend was had by your family.


  17. Those pictures Christine took are fantastic! I ALL of them.

    Also I am jealous that she got to meet you in person.

    Great summer pictures of the boys too. Water is the best toy EVER.

  18. Great photos looks like so much fun!

  19. Wow! Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I love the ones with the puppy and the watermelon–so cute!

  20. Looks like a fun weekend. Layla had her first watermelon this weekend too, but I didn’t get a picture. Love the sprinklers pics, what fun!

  21. Aw! What terrific photos! Gorgeous kids, beautiful sun and water. What a great time.