Running A Muck!

Last week I wrote about my son.  The one that keeps me on my toes the most.  The one that exhausts me, both in good and not-so-good ways.  The one whose face is so cute that it’s hard to resist.

And then the other day while in Target, this happened…

On occasion we go to Target while The B Man is at church school.  After we drop him off, me and G and K have an hour of “free time”.  Most of the time we just stay on the church playground and play with our friends whose siblings also have church school but some days we hit up Target {specifically the dollar spot or the Lego aisle – you know if you’re looking for us…}

Anyway, this last time G was bugging me ALL day to go while B was in school. He wanted SO badly to buy his own Lego set with his own money (which happens to be tons of change he’s pilfered from around the house, but hey his Dad leaves it laying around, so finders/keepers, yes?!)  So, I acquiesced  and we made a speedy run over to the Tar-jay.

I decided to make the most of the trip and grab a couple of other things we needed.  Meanwhile G and K made their way FULL SPEED AHEAD down the aisle that runs perpendicular to the toy aisles.  And because I did not come at once, the entire store gets to hear G say, “Mommy, you need to come over here RIGHT. NOW!!!”

Including some of our friends (who of course were in the store at the same time…), whose 8 year old son says to her (she tells me this as I am passing by) “He shouldn’t talk to his Mom that way.”

Welcome to my life.

(p.s. these are pretty good friends of ours and she and I were both just laughing about it)

But in the same breath, and as I am chasing my children through the store, I hear a young woman say, “….blah, blah… will never have my kids running a muck in Target… like some people…blah, blah”

I SO badly wanted to tap her on the shoulder and say, “OH Honey, your day will come. Trust me.”

And I now plan to send up a daily prayer that she one day gives birth to a child (or four) much like my Gavin.


He’s really cute.


  1. Yes he is adorable!

    And those judgey types – don’t worry, they’ll have their comeuppance :)

  2. Ha! Do you want me to add some prayers to yours? She will SOOO get her day!!

  3. I LOVE this post!

  4. Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and taking the time to leave such a nice comment on my PYHO post about forgiving myself. It meant a lot to me!

    Also, I can so relate about the young woman in Target commenting about how I will never let MY kids behave like that, and ya ya ya! She will get her own one day too believe me!! I just laugh at stuff like that now!

  5. Payback is a bitch….and the judgey people will get it!!!

  6. Yeah, we all made those “well I’ll never” comments. Pretty sure God was laughing at every one of them.

  7. He’s beautiful. And perfect, just the way she is.

    She’ll learn. We (they) all do.

  8. oh yeah, I wish pure hellions on their lives. Like crazy uncontrollable children. I know, that’s bad, and I’m going to hell. But oh, I hate those kid of comments!

  9. Oh my goodness! I think our 8 year olds must be related!! The way he’s been talking to me lately is crazy!! Sassy, and mouthy, and rude. I was thinking it wouldn’t be this way until they’re teenagers!

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  11. Amen! I think the biggest misconception people who don’t have kids have is that parents can control every thing they say and do.

    If only….

  12. Don’t worry, karma will take care of that for you. Some days I let those kind of things go, but other times I have a secret desire to become the driver of the karma bus. Or at least a fly on the wall.

    I got an apology once. A friend of mine judged me in a quite nasty way, and I politely told her that things may change when she has her own children. And boy did it. And I was so proud of her for apologizing. HA! :)

  13. He’s so cute- love how you captured those eyes!

  14. So funny! All of those people who think that they will have perfect children…hahahahaha…they have no idea 😉

  15. I wish people would keep their opinions to themselves. Much to my chagrin, my son would have been running right along side of yours.

  16. uhhhhhg. hate that.

  17. Target just does that to kids…

    Even super cute ones

  18. Hee! SO been there – on all counts!

    And oh my, yes- he is so, so very cute!