Random Picture Challenge

This weekend I am participating in the Random Picture Challenge hosted by 4 Little Men & Girly Twins. I love this because you get to look at pictures from the past and when I saw what this one turned out to be, I just had to post it.

2008, 13th Folder, picture #42

Here is Little G getting a “sink bath” after he REALLY dug into his giant cupcake at his first birthday party. I couldn’t let him open his presents covered in frosting and thankfully I had thought to take his shirt off before the destruction began. Look how little he is, almost one year ago…


  1. That’s adorable! It looks like he really enjoyed the cupcake!

  2. wonderful picture! I love a good “sink bath!”

  3. so cute! I always pick chocolate cakes for first birthdays ….although he looks like he enjoyed the cake, somehow it just looks better with a vanilla/white cake! I’m gonna go with a white cake for the next first birthday!

  4. SUPER cute!! It looks like he had a great time digging into that cupcake!

  5. That is a great one!

  6. That is really cute! Sink baths are great.

    I’ll relay that message to Ella! But, thanks for reassuring ME too! : ) It always nice to hear that!

  7. Oh, the cuteness!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I love the sink baths…they are so much fun! Cute messy face!

  9. That is adorable!!! Kids look so cute when they are messy!! I’m sure he enjoyed his cupcake

  10. Oh, my! You could’ve eaten cupcake off him for days! LOL!

    What a precious little baby he was!

  11. Now there is someone who knows how to enjoy a birthday!

  12. This is a super cute photo with a great story! I love it!

  13. The. Cutest.

    cute cute cute.

  14. How big was that cupcake? He’s a delicious mess.

  15. Very cute–sink baths are the best :)

  16. sink baths really are the best!

    if only i could still fit in the sink :)

  17. I miss giving my kids sink baths. He’s so cute. I love the Budda belly.

  18. Oh goodness it couldn’t get much cuter that that…

  19. Oh yeah – cute, cute, CUTE!

  20. I love sink baths! Cole is still taking his baths in our kitchen sink…I will be sad when I don’t have a baby to bathe in the sink!!