Random Friday

I think Little G had a good birthday. Let’s review.

Trip to the park- check (didn’t take my camera – ugh!)

Cake after lunch – check

Cake after dinner – check (if you look closely you can see crumbs on his baby face!)

Presents – check
(should have picture here but hus decided to mess with computer last night and cannot get it. Don’t ask.)

Millions of birthday kisses – check

The “big” party is on Saturday in which I will have pics of the GIANT cupcake that will be Little G’s cake. YUM!

I love this magazine. This issue came in the mail today and the cover just got me. They do such a good job. I love magazines anyway, but this one is good.


I started picking up the house today since a lot of things were relocated during the kitchen re-do. And, because above mentioned party will have guests the house has to be clean. It’s amazing how good I feel when I start putting things where they actually go. Why can’t it just stay that way? Why, oh why?


The B Man has quit getting up in the middle of the night (knocking on wood) to let me know that he has to go or already has gone to the bathroom. Can I just say that I hope that phase is REALLY over? Please let it be over.


Does anyone really care about this season’s AI winner? I mean as far as I am concerned it has been a real snoozer this season. We haven’t even voted at all and last season we voted A LOT. Snore…


Must do some scrapbooking. Must.


Tim has been working less hours lately and it has been so nice to have him home more and “one time” (to quote The B Man). He even mowed the lawn and helped with dinner last night. He’s a good man (except when I can’t get to my pictures! Uh, did I bring that up again?)


I pose this question. When did 1 become the new 2? I mean my “baby” is climbing and crawling on everything. The B Man did NOT do this at this age. Today at the park G climbed all the way up the playscape thingy and wanted to go down the slide by himself. And I found him here the other day. How’d he get up there? I am in trouble, aren’t I?

There it is some randomeness for you. Have a great weekend everyone. Ours will be busy but fun!



  1. The second one is always a bit more adventurous, it’s the example the older one sets. Kamden is wild, he does crazy things that Jack even shakes his head at.

    You are so in trouble! I see the same glint in G’s eye that Kamo has!


    Love the random post! I need to figure out how to keep things organized too….maybe when I am old and grey I’ll have that down?

  2. My 14 mo old can’t do that stuff yet!

    Happy Birthday to your babay. He’s adorable!!!

  3. My G is/was like your G then. He crawled both up and down the stairs by 9 months and ran by 10. You gotta watch the climbers. Mine can sometimes be found on top of things WAY up high.

  4. I so love randomness!!
    I think I may have to check out that magazine. And well…a cupcake might be nice too! ha

    Have a great partying weekend!!

  5. I LOVE that picture of you and your little G Man. Are you guys too cute together or what?

    And yea, a little cake makes for the perfect day whether it is your birthday or not! :)

    Love the random post, too.

  6. Happy belated B-day to your little guy. I can not remember if I made it here yesterday not (sorry). Great photo of the two of you.

    I agree about the kids doing more. My little guy is not walking solo yet, but man can he get into things that his big brother never did at this age.

    Happy giant cupcake making tonight. I can not wait to see how it comes out. Have a great party tomorrow.

  7. Happy belated birthday to your little guy – he’s so cute! Enjoy your weekend. (PS – I got the Real Simple mag last week and haven’t had a chance to even crack the cover. Hope to read it this weekend.)

  8. Happy Birthday Cutie!

  9. Sounds like his first birthday was perfect in every way!

    I’ve often heard that the second child is mobile a lot earlier than the first, I guess they have a role model to look up to and copy. I will soon be finding all this out for myself first hand, so I’ll have to wait and see.

    Hope all goes well with the first birthday party. I can’t wait to see photos of the first birthday cake.


  10. Happy birthday G Man!

    I love Real Simple too. So many great tips.

  11. I just love real simple magazine!

  12. I can’t believe that there is a magazine that my MIL doesn’t get that we NEED to get! Yeah… thanks for sharing the randomness!

  13. Cute pictures!! Glad Little G had a good Birthday! And YES – AI has been a snoozer for me too!

    Have a good day Elaine – see you – Kellan

  14. I just wanted to let you know I’m ready to mail your eye pillow the begginging of the week.

    I’m sorry it’s taken a little longer than I expected. Finals and Graduation have kept me pretty busy!

    I do need your address though.


  15. Can’t wait to hear about the big party today! I’m sure it was a blast. He sounds like a little go-getter, already climbing. Watch out, world!

    I love Real Simple, too! I can’t wait for the July issue, as I have a bloggy friend who’ll be in it!

    American Idol, I think it’s just been so overdone. I’m sick of it and haven’t even watched at all in a few seasons.

  16. I loved 1 being the new 2, but have to warn you that 2 will be the new 4…good luck!

    I love REAL SIMPLE too. I always feel better once things have a place and are in them…for 24 hours. And then everything is back to normal. UGH.

  17. Oh LOOk! Scrapbook albums… oh wait markers mommy! :)